First Edition Updates

Note: These are old “updates” upon which I have significantly expounded or removed for utmost accuracy in the third edition. Some are updated here accordingly while others remain as I originally wrote them before June 12, 2014, the publication date of the second edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods.


In my first book titled The Truth about God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who We Really Are: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within, its vast information and time constraint to publish it sufficiently early in 2012 did not allow me enough time to deeply probe into every topic. This is not my job anyway, for no one is truly an expert about every aspect of a topic.

This page picks up on some mistakes that I did not sufficiently explain or correctly represent in my first edition, and it provides some informational updates.

The following will not address any grammatical corrections that could improve my writing. This will be good for me to shed the perfectionist mentality that is both a blessing toward detail but a curse toward insanity while living in this body.

Critical Updates:

1. Caution About Flame Body Activation Techniques
2. Chapter 9: 528 Hertz Frequency
3. Chapter 10: Sliders and Pre-Sliders Techniques Discernment
4. Chapter 8: Predicted Death of the Sun and Earth

Important Updates:

1. Chapters 6 and 9: DNA Strand Assembly and Activation
2. Chapter 6 and onward: M31 Andromeda is Not Aquinos

General Updates:

1. Preface: The “God Particle”
2. Chapter 4: Biblical Abraham was Not Uriah
3. Chapter 6: Animal Life Clarification
4. Chapter 6: Indigos
5. Chapter 3: Distinction between the Cosmic Awareness and Infinite Awareness Entity           Groups
6. Chapter 7: Most Powerful and Ra Star Clarifications
7. Chapter 5: Archangel Michael’s Involvement with Jesus
8. Chapter 5: Reverend Gideon Ouseley’s Works
9. Chapter 5: Appolonius of Tyana

Updated October 2014 and September 2017

Caution About Flame Body Activation Techniques

Note: The Azurite Press website is defunct since June 2014.


I purposely put these techniques at the end of my first edition, The Truth About God, 2012-2022 Ascension, and Who We Really Are, because in my experience and view, they could apply to some people at a stage in their healing. However, I removed most of them in the second edition because we can generally link to eternal energies without these smaller steps, so I provided fewer but potentially more effective techniques. Please read what I have to say here, because unbeknownst to me at the time of writing that book, “flame body” is an aspect of the light body. These flame body activations are light body activations that move primal kundalini energy from our base chakra upward. As both the first and second editions explain, most light body and kundalini activation techniques given in religious and New Age circles under the guise of repairing our DNA rather open us up to entity attachments and harm. Are the flame body activation techniques given by the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order and Guardian Alliance (MCEO-GA) through Ashayana Deane much different? I will partially explore this matter, although much more investigation, including into the MCEO, is in my current book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods.

The particular flame body activation techniques given by the MCEO-GA focus upon bringing into our body the dimensional 12 through 15 frequencies that protect us against mainly Anunnaki-caused genetic distortions in the lower dimensions. These techniques also help remove “shadow body” aspects of oneself to aid the integration of our light body. My current second edition shows where these dimensions 12-15 reside—in a more intact galaxy from which the 11 dimensional Milky Way galaxy came. Therefore, Ashayana’s entity group refers to this earlier galaxy but does not specify this precise information. Eternal Humans draws a sufficiently clear line, and it reveals the dominant colors of these higher frequency bands in what I call Galaxy-2. As the name Galaxy-2 implies, it is the second galaxy between the Milky Way—the third galaxy—and the original galaxy of eternal integrity; the Milky Way contains the most distorted material. Galaxy-2 provides our needed energetic bridge to eternal realms, including an earlier domain called an Ecka.

In the MCEO-GA techniques provided by Azurite Press MCEO, Inc., the kundalini awakening in our body occurs by activating the base tones and overtones of harmonic universe 5 (HU-5, the 3 dimensional bands of dimensions 13-15; we are in HU-1) and removing four inorganic crystalline implants that block natural energy flow between DNA that correspond to chakras 2, 3, and 4. This will combine the three omni-polar, “primal” creation currents in the Ecka’s HU-1 just beyond the 15th dimension into one flowing current to help keep us connected and partially activated with natural energy. Just be mindful that kundalini entails DNA spirals and is typically related to a serpent. We need to work with where we are at, but knowing the full context of the activation technique will give clarity toward its true intention.

I must give caution to the majority of kundalini and light body activation “healers” who do not divulge much information about their techniques. I give regard to Ashayana for largely explaining the context and intent of the techniques that she gives, although I explain in the third edition how it may be harmful to draw external energy into our body. I think it is wise to assume that the less information given about techniques, the more hidden intent there is to harm the person rather than heal. Sometimes, so-called healers are not even aware of the energies with which they are working. Key words such as serpent can ring alarm bells, but if a bigger context is explained toward natural creation, then these terms and affiliated techniques might be okay.

I wanted to be able to advise people about which MCEO-GA Flame Body and Sliders techniques would most help them as well as potentially receive other techniques for them through a trusted contact of my own, but my mother’s and my abilities can only go so far. In addition, our few trusted higher dimensional contacts do not know everything about our human body’s density needs.

The fact is that everyone has their own unique situation that only they can individually determine which techniques feel right to do. I have met people who came into Ashayana’s teachings and treated them as a religion, trusting their guru to pave the way without the people having enough sense of self to detect potential discordant energies and discern contradictory messages. Infiltrations have continued to occur in Ashayana’s workshops because some people have not done their part to heal themselves within their Earthly capacity, where they would have already removed their reactions to the victim-victimizer game and largely healed their emotional and mental bodies. Without a sense of inner strength and self, they are getting partially activated without much protection. Some people come out of the techniques wonderfully, while others who do not know how to protect themselves in the process come out with entity attachments, no matter if the techniques are good. At any rate, I no longer recommend any technique given by Ashayana; I explain why in the third, expanded edition of my large book.

Having a light body activation uses our own body’s chakras. When we open them up earlier than our mental and emotional awareness are prepared to do, then we can be vulnerable to entities looking for that unprotected open door to our body.

Religious ceremonies that lay hands on people are an example of light body activations. Many of us have endured such experiences; some have come out unscathed while others have picked up entity attachments (partial possessions). It is imperative to seal off our chakras to unwelcome entities and be in control of opening our chakras with natural energies having an eternal foundation. Compared to standard religious rituals, New Age rituals often give more disclosure about their light body activation ceremonies, but the effect is similar to religion with receiving a partial or even full possession. Religions actually call for possession when desiring to be filled by the Spirit of God.

The tricky thing about these techniques is determining if they actually help us or harm us. How can we trust which techniques are beneficial? How can we trust any entity group or person conveying techniques? One obvious way is to look at each entity group’s or person’s beliefs and declarations. When techniques link us to natural frequency fields, they may be fine if we can discern that they are eternally based. When we need to utilize the help of alien entities in the techniques, this also calls for discernment. To make it more difficult, it is not good to bring a white light into us in the New Age ceremonies because this is likely an alien entity. Hypothetically, we could assume there is a white frequency band containing “natural” energy, but I have discovered and shown in my current book that there is no predominantly white dimensional band in eternal systems. Looking at the entire picture of the technique, comparing it to others, and investigating its background belief system can reveal the true intent.

Another act of discernment is to test the energy of the message. I have learned that natural, powerful frequency might give people nausea if their energy is more distorted. However, distorted frequency can also give people nausea, albeit it feels like destructive nausea instead of an uncomfortable transition of energy. Only you will know if you truly desire purely natural energy and if you feel congruent within the natural layers in yourself, so you can determine the level of discomfort and react accordingly.

After acquiring foundational knowledge about a technique as well as sufficient personal energetic understanding [that I help explain in chapters 9 and 10 (11 in the current book)], I suggest the following actions before performing the technique.

First, attain a peaceful and grounded state in life-giving energy that radiates through every part of your body. You can put your intent toward pure energy as the original Source or Love energy (not an entity as an angel or God character), and expand it within yourself. I start at my inner core between the 3rd and 4th chakras, which is the central location between our physical body’s eight actual chakras with chakra 0 at the bottom of our feet and chakra 7 at the crown of our head. This central area is not a chakra; it contains a noticeable calm within the lower region of the breastplate through which we can easily link to true Source or Love energy and expand it from there.

Second, expand that inner, energetic flow to outside of the body, creating a transparent barrier around oneself as a shield to outside influences.

Lastly, be fully conscious and connection within yourself while doing the desired technique, gauging the energies of the technique along the way.

Overall, if we keep our intent pure, honest, and strong, this awakened awareness within us can direct us to make the right decisions.


Note: On November 30, 2012, my mother and I did the “Journey to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom” technique. I wrote about our notable experiences and thoughts that can prove useful to weigh if you are considering doing this technique. Please read my analysis here. Again, I no longer advise to do any such externally motivated technique.


Updated April 2012

CHAPTER 9: 528 Hertz Frequency

P. 407, Paragraphs 2 and 4

This is my most important correction: Please do NOT listen to the 528 Hertz frequency. Please read this entire correction to see my concerns and misinterpretation of the All That Is, The Pure Essence (ATI,TPE) communication on this matter.

I have read on the internet that some genetic scientists are using the 528 Hz frequency to heal DNA. I did not thoroughly research this, nor did I state this in my book, but it was in the back of my mind toward what I decided to state. I read about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work in which he sometimes played Solfeggio frequencies to water, and then he took pictures of water crystals that formed. I did not uncover the success rate of formed crystals and how many times a singular Solfeggio frequency was played. Sometimes, he played classical music which carried a variety of frequencies that could have better affected the crystals.

In addition, it is important to note that crystals still form in fully fractal systems, although they might not be perfectly symmetrical like the pictures I have seen in Dr. Emoto’s published work that show imperfections. Our world is somewhat unique in the Milky Way in that it still receives the organic energy of keylontic science (my book explains the Earth’s position at this time). Therefore, I used this knowledge to allow a probability that the Earth’s mixed fractal state could give healing benefits.

Regarding the genetic scientist claim that the 528 Hz can heal DNA, it hit me that according to the theme of my book, scientists tend to push the envelope in their studies, often destroying things in order to try to reverse the process. Their DNA destruction just might be laboratory made, so if any of the DNA was repaired, then it was to regain a lesser level of fractalization.

What was a major oversight on my part was not researching enough about the plethora of Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command references to the “healing” “sacred science” of the Solfeggio scale, as well as the obvious use of the word “miracle” to 528 Hz. The Solfeggio scale is often stated to be the frequencies of both creation and destruction, the very “oneness” that I argue against in my book!

Another reality about my enquiring nature was that I bit off more than I could chew regarding trying to relate esoteric material to the limited scientific and pseudoscientific studies we have, such as in Dr. Emoto’s work. I thought I was doing humanity a service by introducing a full picture, but in this singular instance, I lost a bit of perspective. When I read over my text that said people could use the 528 Hz frequency in the meantime before proper techniques are done, I actually gave several accurate techniques in the next (and last) chapter, so my mention of 528 Hz was irrelevant!

I am so very sorry if you as the reader took my advice and listened to the 528 Hz frequency. In my attempt to weed out the truth from the half-truths, I advised people to ignore the obvious red flag of the Metatronic symbol that was shown on along with the frequency. The good news in this (well, not really) is that people receive Metatronic frequency downloads in all electronic media, so this little blip of the 528 Hz can be completely rectified by the techniques I gave in chapter 10, as well as certain stronger techniques given in the Sliders DVDs and handbooks. Sliders has powerful techniques that have been amped up since the progressively increasing Metatronic energies of this last decade.

When I briefly listened to this frequency from youtube while I was writing that chapter, I could not completely discern its negative energy because the situation gave me a measure of rest away from the demands of my book. My naturally good energy also overrode much of it. However, if I had known to find a krystiac frequency to compare with the Metatronic frequency, this would have greatly assisted my discernment.

With all this said, I have a bigger concern about what I wrote in this section of my book because I do not want to sully the credibility of the ATI,TPE. I stated, “The All That Is has consistently stated that it is good for us to do” regarding listening to the 528 Hz frequency. What I neglected to say was that the “consistently” was only 2 or 3 times of asking, and I posed each question differently in order to check the validity of the answers. My last question about this topic was stated to the ATI,TPE, “Is the 528 Hz frequency good for us to do?” “Yes” was the answer; however, upon asking recently whether this was an interference by an entity, the ATI,TPE confirmed that it was. I recall my mother answering this question before work that morning, so she was not as clear as she could have been. When I previously asked the ATI,TPE if that frequency can heal DNA, and it replied, “Yes,” this was the ATI,TPE because as it elaborated now, that frequency “is miniscule” in its healing of more heavily damaged DNA. Like I explained in my book, follow-up must happen with the ATI,TPE to gain more in-depth answers—it is not an entity that explains details. It also matters whether I am very precise in my questions. So, the ATI,TPE did stay clear with my mother except for 1 or 2 interferences.

Thankfully, I already prefaced this book section with my doubt about the Solfeggio scale. I wrote, “…the Solfeggio frequency scale is based upon Pythagorean calculations. Upon discovering this fact, I was highly skeptical to listen to that tone.” The reason why I felt I needed to say “consistently stated” was to tell the reader that I felt the need to ask the question more than once because of my doubt about it. The main other time in my book where I clearly stated the same type of situation was when I and my mother were probing about the Jesuses. I followed up more times about that topic because there was a lot of interference then. Those interferences make sense to me because 1) we worked to reveal the truth about those entities’ religious identities, and 2) we worked to steer people away from death technologies. In my understanding, those are the most important topics that the “fallen angels” want to hide.

As I clearly stated in my book, my mother–as well as any otherworldly communicator–is not infallible, neither are people in our limited knowledge base when posing questions. Sometimes I have felt like I was taking a stab in the dark to find specific answers. However, the more I have learned, the better and more direct my questions can be. I have only wanted to share truth in my work, but at the same time, it is impossible to know more than what we currently know. I am happy that I did sufficiently state about intuition being the greatest guide.

I do still think there is major importance in finding kristiac frequencies. I just will not delve into it much myself. I ask that more people research the claim that 432 Hz is more kristiac/krystic (although it also involves Pythagorean calculations) and that the current musical model should be tuned to that instead of 440 Hz. The following website gives credence to the better 432 Hz sound, although not every frequency is adjusted accordingly: “You Learn” by Alanis Morissette sealed the deal to me in how it feels much less constricting. This slight change in frequency showed me why conventional music feels too emotionally manipulative, which has caused me to stop listening to most of it. A few members of the Guardian Alliance/Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order ground crew are currently working to discern the correct kristiac frequencies, although I do not know how accurate they will be because of our current fractal position. This is a work in progress, so again, please go with your energy detection.


Updated August 2012

CHAPTER 10: Sliders and Pre-Sliders Techniques Discernment

P. 452-453, 1st Paragraph of P. 453

“The ATI advised me and my colleagues to purchase the Sliders DVD sets 4-11, but it is beneficial to have earlier Sliders material to decipher the names used in the later techniques.”

and P. 477-481, especially P. 479-481’s “Flame Body Techniques”

Before Sliders-12 started, the All That Is, The Pure Essence (ATI,TPE) advised me and my two colleagues that it would be beneficial for us to do techniques in Sliders DVD sets 4-11. We later discovered that my colleagues should do some techniques in Sliders 1-3; it was only I who could start at Sliders-4 because I found out that I contain more Sha-LA-a light quotient in my body, which is the entirely natural light construct as Sliders-2 explains. Shona is the reversed, Metatronic dead light.

Our current desire is to go through the Sliders material to discern what techniques are personally good for us. This will take quite some time. So far, we think that Sliders-1 does not involve the Law of One in its techniques. It seems to convey practical information and help toward the natural Slide process; therefore, I will do most of those techniques to help me.

The rest of the Sliders DVD sets infuses some Law of One concepts and mechanics into the techniques when they talk about the probable selves with the base of 12. Keylontic science often contains structures built upon base-12 mathematics, but when the Law of One belief system enters into the formula, it involves other entities and divisions that steer away from personal wholeness. Sliders-4 incorporates many Law of One concepts, but I have found at least one technique that can help me. In general, when techniques contain mathematical probabilities according to the Law of One belief that could possibly draw in outside, superfluous entities, then I and my colleagues will omit those portions or the entire technique, depending upon how we gauge the situation.

Accordingly, some Sliders techniques actually do have us draw in entities. I do not deem this necessary or even beneficial in most cases, and neither does the ATI,TPE. If these techniques are to help us with our own body that really does have a capable blueprint within itself, then I think that we should be able to heal ourselves with techniques that are personally applicable. Nevertheless, it is anyone’s choice to do those entity-based techniques. My only request is that you gauge whether you really need it or if you are merely following what you are being taught. If it were me, I would wager on the side of thinking we are less fragmented than the Law of One and related twin flame belief systems like to say. We do not need to cover all of our bases so to speak because we do not need everything, only what is personally empowering. I deem the Sliders techniques as empowering when they connect us with fully natural light, sound, and plasma constructs.

On a related note, I now understand that the DNA Repair Techniques Before Sliders that I provided at the end of my book in Chapter 10’s Techniques are not completely necessary unless we feel that we need the extra help to remove Caduceus distortions. (Note: The Eckasha Maharic Seal and Amoraea Buffer techniques provide protective frequencies.) The reality is that we are all at different evolutionary levels, even if we are all humans here at this time. I explain what these “Flame Body” activation and repair techniques are and why they are both helpful and potentially harmful in the following link: Caution and Update: Flame Body Activation Techniques. Please read my Flame Body article to learn how to become more discerning when doing energy work and to learn why the current Earth drama necessitates the involvement of certain plasma protection.


Updated May 2012

CHAPTER 8: Predicted Death of the Sun and Earth

The predicted death of the Sun:

P. 395, Paragraph 5

“Tragically, the death of our Sun is irreversible….The GA has predicted anywhere between 250 to 1,000 years before the Sun will become a nova.165,286

and P. 395, Paragraph 4

“As time progresses, unfortunately there will be climatic changes that will occur, particularly from 2022 onward when the coronal mass ejections and radiation may destroy life on Earth.281

[Note:The predicted death of the Earth is written later in this section, along with 3 book references.]


It may not turn out that the death of our Sun is irreversible. First, I have discovered that the Guardian Alliance (GA) prediction of the Sun rapidly turning into a nova is incorrect. Second, only part of the Sun’s particle matter may become destroyed.

The normal death process entails compaction. The GA correctly stated that the fallen angelic manipulation of our Sun has expedited the compaction process by rapidly causing its layers to shed. However, the future is not static, and the many beneficial entities and ETs, including the GA, are continually utilizing healing measures. Since the time of the GA information that was conveyed in my book, I have learned that a measure of the Sun has been healed to delay the nova process. The GA remain cautious, though, because they are fully aware of the destructive means of the vampiric ones.

What is important to know is that whatever particle matter that does not become reversed and transferred to the Death Star merkaba will remain in the Milky Way in its better energetic integrity. Then, it has the potential toward being fully healed, although this would be an optimum scenario. Therefore, even if the year 2022 will result in the shedding of the Sun’s dark matter template, its death process is being delayed past the timeline given in my book. This is because of the news that I later provide on P. 399, Paragraph 4:


In 2230 A.D., the AquA’elle Veca will enter its own Starfire, so this is why nothing will be able to hold the Milky Way any longer from black hole implosion. Thankfully, this is when the Krystal River Host plan to cauterize Abaddon. If they succeed, and they are confident that they will, then the Milky Way will become a quarantined black hole system that will continue to evolve over several billion years until it burns out its quanta.176,177,289


I followed up with the ATI,TPE and Krystal River Host about the options after 2230 A.D. On P. 387, Paragraph 1, the GA “predicted that the Earth would explode by 2976 A.D. from the extent of Metatronic damage.” P. 393, Paragraph 2 elaborates upon this prediction. Unbeknownst to me, I thought that the Krystal River Host gave this prediction, but they replied that they did not. If they would have provided the story through Ashayana Deane, then I think she would have conveyed less of a “doom and gloom” scenario and given room for more healing potential like the ATI,TPE provides.

The Krystal River Host’s aim of cauterizing Abaddon and potentially other black holes gives a plethora of possibilities for the Milky Way, including the particle matter of the Sun and Earth that remain with sufficient energetic integrity. The cauterization will prevent the non-phantom portion of the Earth from being transferred to the fully fractalized status (which I clarify in the book). This will possibly provide a few billion years of life left or many more depending upon the level of healing that can assimilate the repaired portions with more natural versions of the Earth.


Updated April 2014

CHAPTERS 6 and 9: DNA Strand Assembly and Activation

I have worked on a significantly improved DNA section for the second edition with scientific backing, and it has been an illuminating but frustrating process based on varying incomplete and incorrect information given by entities. One improvement is the clarification of a strand.

This information is somewhat incomplete, and I need more time to correct it according to the first edition. Please read the second edition for a much fuller picture. In the following book excerpts, I replace or add phrases in bold.

P. 237, Paragraph 4


Each step to a higher dimension assembles and activates another DNA strand to be able to live in that dimension. Here and now, all people have only 2 fully assembled and activated DNA strands, but we have varying levels of partially activated DNA as our disassembled “junk.” Indigos have the most partially activated and assembled DNA. In some people during this ascension cycle of the Earth, a third DNA strand may fully assemble and eventually activate in 2017-2022 A.D. to meet the natural, higher dimensional frequency entering the Earth (in Chapter 8’s “Earth Ascension Cycles” and “2017”).


According to the book by Ashayana Deane, Voyagers: The Secrets of Amenti, Volume II, the function of a DNA strand is directed by one seed crystal seal placed within the body’s bio-energetic field. Our DNA is organized by codes on a multi-dimensional crystalline template. The minute seed crystal seal utilizes frequencies from the corresponding star crystal seal also present in our bio-energetic field. “Each Star Crystal Seal is composed of half of the frequency patterns of the dimension above it and half of those from the dimension below,” (p.477, Voyagers II; 2002). Star crystal seals are important because they contain fire codes which are genetic time codes that allow cellular and ultimately bodily transmutation. Fire codes are responsible for DNA assembly according to our foundational 12-strand, silicate DNA template. Higher dimensional frequency communication to our fire codes is partially severed due to implanted frequency nets in the “heavens,” among other distortions, which were enacted by dark entities; this is why our human body is locked in its current time-space location.

The process of ascension releases the dimensional seals and allows the body to change density. However, this does not exclusively correspond to DNA assembly and activation. The fire codes can in theory be fully assembled now and anywhere if all frequencies flowed freely throughout the entire body. The seals merely keep a measure of distance. This distance was implied in my above quote from page 237 of my book, wherein a being of another dimensional density cannot adequately live in a different dimension, but my understanding of the process of assembly and activation was not entirely correct.

Ashayana has often used the term activation without specifying whether a strand becomes fully activated. We simply cannot fully activate a higher dimensional DNA strand from our body’s “junk” DNA unless our genetic blueprint becomes cleared by very extraordinary measures. Some DNA techniques, if they are beneficial to us, can only partially assemble and activate the broken and dormant strands. A DNA strand cannot become fully activated until it is fully assembled. If we originally came from a higher dimensional planet or star system before we came to Earth, and most of us have, then that etheric DNA template has the potential to be fully assembled and activated, but we still face the problem of our current disconnection from it. If Ashayana was referring to activating our higher dimensional template that is unseen to us in our current density, then that would make sense. Otherwise, the Guardian Alliance might have been overly hopeful about the effects of natural frequencies entering the Earth while a network of Metatronic “death science” technologies is still in place here.

In addition, Ashayana’s material was somewhat unclear to me when it focused upon dimensional attributes rather than the entire picture of our genetic template. For instance, I originally thought that depending upon where we are positioned within the first 12 dimensions of our time matrix, that dimensional level would involve a unique connection to a DNA strand that could only become assembled and fully activated by the frequency there. Ashayana has taught about the Anunnaki race that has an 11-strand DNA template, and because of their disconnection from the 12th dimension, the Anunnaki would only be able to live in realms up to the 11th dimension. To further confirm my confusion about her teachings, she has stated in Voyagers II that Indigos have their 6th DNA strand activated on Earth, and this activation brings in 6th dimensional frequency.

To help clarify this matter, I have found out from a few trusted higher dimensional contacts on my home planet that although they live in the 11th dimension, their 24-48 DNA strands are fully activated and fully assembled. They are a predecessor to the Oraphim “Indigo” race. The Oraphim template has 24-48 DNA strands. These and other highly aware beings can have fully activated and fully assembled DNA templates in our time matrix which only has 15 dimensions, not 24 or 48. If the dimension-to-DNA strand correlation applied, then entities in our Milky Way supergalaxy would have no more than 15 DNA strands.

P. 403, Paragraph 1


These strings also follow the greater spacetime organization of a spiral—”the structure of DNA of all species comprises two helical [3 dimensional] chains each coiled round the same axis.”290


I must omit my insertion of [3 dimensional] because it is misplaced.

P. 406, Paragraphs 2-5


Regarding the DNA activation that naturally occurs in the SAC up to 2022 A.D., the lower level GA stated in Voyagers II that the general population would naturally achieve up to 7 wave infusions or DNA strand activations if our previous dimensional DNA strand is fully activated. DNA strand-3 would become fully activated as early as May 5, 2000 or as late as the year 2022. I did not understand this GA message because I thought this would mean that we would have more fully assembled DNA strands, implying that we would have amazing abilities beyond what we have already.

The Human Genome Project, a 13 year study decoding a large sample size of random human DNA sequencing and genes, finished its task in 2003 except for 8 percent of DNA left uncoded. What was left uncoded were fragments, not an obviously assembled 3rd DNA strand.291

I probed the ATI about this phenomenon. It stated that the other fully assembled DNA would not be visibly detectable in our current 2.5 dimension, but the assemblies are detectable in their respective dimensional capacities and levels. I think the activation translates the greater DNA assembly into our current material body, but it would still be limited by the fragmented DNA strands in our current dimension. Update: The ATI has confirmed that DNA strands cannot become fully activated unless they are fully assembled.

…Alas, we only have 2 fully assembled strands while living on this 2.5 dimensional planet, but because of our attuned connection to higher dimensional parts of ourselves, we are able to access some of those abilities. In 2010, the ATI stated that I have those 5 higher dimensional strands partially assembled and activated in our current dimension. (Update: On November 9, 2012, the ATI revealed that I had 20 higher dimensional strands partially activated due to more natural energies entering the Earth and my own increased awakening. I predict that more awakening will ensue, not just for me, but for many millions of people during the next decade.)


Update January 2013: It appears that a strand does not only correlate to a helix. I am currently working to discern what a strand is. I wish to make this information more scientific than what data streaming from other realms has done thus far.

P. 407, Paragraph 2


It is wise to do DNA repair techniques to further repair our DNA integrity (especially in cases of more Metatronic encoding) and to help assemble and activate one more strand for the Slide process to Higher Earth.

**[Updates: 1) It can be dangerous to do any DNA technique in New Age teachings because they tend to allow external, unsafe entities and energies access to our body, erroneously claiming to be our own. 2) The Sliders techniques may or may not connect us with Median Earth, which is one step beyond Higher Earth; I previously thought they were the same place due to earlier mention by Ashayana Deane of only Higher Earth. Please refer to the newest, third edition book for greater discernment of any technique and our actual DNA template.]**


If the Sliders techniques can help fully assemble and fully activate a 3rd physical DNA strand, then I think it may be possible only when the ascension cycle occurs due to the magnitude of destructive energies we endure on Earth, which I will soon explain. Until our chance for full bodily ascension will occur, we must do certain naturally based techniques to reverse the presence of the Caduceus cord “snakes” in our DNA, which should create the stage for assembly and activation of the 3rd DNA strand at just the right time. I imagine that the full assembly and activation of the 3rd strand will show itself simultaneously with the opportunity for ascension, so it really might be as fast as a “twinkle of an eye.” Ashayana gives good background and intent in her techniques based on keylontic science, although they still need individual discernment. I additionally provide some basic techniques and energy awareness in my book.

Sliding is a main component toward atomic transfiguration in the ascension process. Ascension is a completely natural occurrence when planetary and frequency alignments in our time matrix bring in higher dimensional energies that allow entire bodies to join a higher dimensional version of their current planet. Although fallen entity groups have taken control of the main Earth’s Amenti stargates, beneficial entity groups such as the Guardian Alliance, Krystal River Host, and Alhumbhra Council have been creating bridges and gates to hopefully keep the Earth’s timeline on track for the full crest of higher dimensional wave infusions to enter the Earth on and around December 21, 2017. The ascension process should last for 5 years until the gates naturally close on or around December 21, 2022. For this to occur, the Earth will hopefully stay strong against death science technologies that control weather, create earthquakes, cause planetary misalignments and tilted rotations (pole shift), and send galactic blasts of inorganic energy. The big date of such planned technologies is December 21, 2012, although this will really be just one date out of more fallen angelic group attempts. January 2013 update: Due to the cumulative efforts of the beneficial entity groups listed above as well as their lesser known allies, the Earth’s ascension process is now bolstered by hosted plasma energies which will help direct the Earth where it needs to naturally go despite the lesser frequency strength of the fallen angelic entities.

Mayan scholars disagree about the end date of the Mayan Calendar, and this is with good reason: the Calendar was left somewhat open to accommodate future changes. The actual date of December 21, 2012 was stated in prophecies and channelings by the entity groups Galactic Federation of Light (GFofL) and Ashtar Command.

The GFofL and Ashtar Command are two high-profile entity groups who give channelings about energy and DNA work that we should do to “heal” ourselves. These two groups also control many Metatronic death science technologies which aim to destroy our DNA. One such technology is the Niburian Electrostatic Transduction (NET) fields which are multidimensional, electromagnetic harness fields implanted throughout the Earth’s Van Allen Belts, crust, and mantle. The Guardian Alliance has poked holes into the NET fields, but these frequency nets are sufficiently overwhelming to our human body to prevent it from assembling our “junk” DNA. I suggest that we become highly aware of our personal energies and do research toward the claims of so-called energy healers because they might be transmitting inorganic energies under the guise of “love and light.”

With the arrival of more natural energies entering the Earth that can partially awaken dormant DNA, we can become increasingly aware of our true needs that can bring us to act as our own intuitive guides.


Updated September 2014

CHAPTER 6 and ONWARD: M31 Andromeda is Not Aquinos

In the second edition, the All That Is, The Pure Essence (ATI,TPE) corrects Ashayana Deane’s common assertion that Aquinos is the real name of the M31 Andromeda galaxy. I also show one of Ashayana’s teachings that indeed confirms the ATI,TPE’s statement that Aquinos is the name of a realm beyond the galactic level in an earlier domain called an Eckasha. As I explained in both editions’ chapters 6 and 7, the original galaxy from where the Milky Way and M31 were formed contains different matter configurations that are invisible to our semi-phantom, fractal material; both M31 and Milky Way were pulled off of that galaxy’s grid. This original galaxy is named AquaLaSha.


Updated August 2012

PREFACE: The “God Particle”

A very expensive scientific experiment is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the border of Switzerland and France. It consists of a 27-kilometer underground ring of superconducting magnets that accelerate particle matter to the point of extreme annihilation. [Update:] In 2012, the particle smashing has finally presented what is believed by scientists to be the subatomic Higgs boson theorized as the “God particle.” In February 2013, the LHC was shut down for maintenance and upgrades until 2015 “so that the twin beams of particles can race around at nearly twice the energy: as much as 13 trillion electron volts,” states a CNN Tech author.1 Physicists behind this project surmise that more destruction would prove the Higgs boson as the ultimate God or universal particle, or another pre-particle might be discovered.

Logic and theory warn scientists that these experiments can be dangerous, especially because a “mini bang” black hole and resultant wormhole could potentially be created. If God is a natural, alive subatomic particle, logic would also tell them that destroying something is not the way to find God. Such annihilation would maybe give that subatomic particle a life of a fraction of a second. How mass can accumulate from decaying matter is illogical to me. In addition, it is probable that a small, natural subatomic particle cannot be observable. [End of revision.] These scientists are basing this experiment upon their belief in measurable, creative energy that started or arose from the Big Bang. Their God entails destruction, so that is why they have no problem carrying out this precarious experiment.


This excerpt is part of the new Introduction that can be read in the Book Excerpts menu.


Updated June 2013

CHAPTER 4: Biblical Abraham was Not Uriah

P. 150, Paragraph 2

“Was Sarah indeed Bathsheba? Yes. This would mean that Abraham was really Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband.”

I made the mistake of saying that Abraham was Uriah. I did not ask the All That Is, The Pure Essence about this specific correlation because I already received confirmation of entity involvement with Sarah. In addition, I received confirmation that Sarah and Bathsheba were the same person. I did not follow-up about every detail, but I realize I should have in this case.

I sometimes extended the word Lord to a YHWH entity when most of the time it represented a man of stature, especially that of royalty. I am grateful to now see where my mind was at that time because I gave more credit to otherworldly entity involvement than credit should have been given. Some extreme manipulations were done by YHWH as I asserted in the rest of the chapter, but there were not as many as I had thought which is a very good thing.

On June 23, 2013, the ATI,TPE answered, “Sarah was not artificially inseminated like Mary was later in the time line. She was inseminated by the Pharaoh’s general, Djehuty, under the Pharaoh’s direction. Sarah’s reproductive organs were altered to allow human sexual activity.” I explain the background to this statement in my upcoming second edition with historical and archaeological evidence. The current edition contains other important connections between the Egyptian and Hebrew people upon which I will also elaborate.


Updated March 2012

CHAPTER 6: Animal Life Clarification

P. 238, Paragraph 5

“They [animals] live somewhat long lives in a natural system, but they will eventually die, confirmed the ATI.”


My cat died a week after I submitted my book to print, so this life-changing event brought my attention to the intense love experienced between humans and our animal companions. I intuitively felt that I could not ever let him go entirely, so I probed the above sparse information by the All That Is, The Pure Essence (ATI,TPE); I strongly felt like the love between me and my cat and his identity must live on for eternity.

On February 26, 2012, the ATI,TPE elaborated upon its statement by saying that animals will eventually die “[o]nly if they endure in the lower realms” of a natural system. (Chapter 6 explains what this natural system is, although “lower realms” could mean the much expanded state or the entire galactic level—it is up to the animal to choose where to go accordingly if it desires eternal life). The ATI,TPE also answered “Yes” to my question, “Will they be able to ascend to an eternal consciousness in a natural system?”

Therefore, the following excerpt is incorrect about the animals on P. 239, Paragraph 4:


“The fact with matter-based beings is that plants and animals do die everywhere.”


Updated December 2012

CHAPTER 6: Indigos

P. 237, Paragraph 1


In addition, the Eieyani combined their genetics with Ecka entities called Indigo to contribute to the seeding of our Veca. The Indigo-Human template has 24 to 48 strands of DNA (see chapter 7’s Creation of…the Milky Way).


Something got lost in translation in this excerpt compared to what I wrote about the Oraphim “Indigo” race in chapter 7. Further hybridizations of higher dimensional races created the Oraphim race that was seeded 568 million years ago on several HU-3 and HU-2 planets and stars, including Gaia and Tara.

An Indigo human implies being born on Earth with a high level of activation in the 6th DNA strand. Indigos usually have an inner DNA template of 24 to 48 strands unless they are contemporary Indigos that mimic the 12-strand Angelic Human DNA template. (reference:


Updated October 2012

CHAPTER 3: Distinction between the Cosmic Awareness and Infinite Awareness Entity Groups

Between pages 112 and 117, I erroneously deduced that the Cosmic Awareness as declared in its channeled book, Who, In Fact, You Really Are, is the same entity group as the Infinite Awareness that channels information to David Icke. The following two excerpts show my incorrect assertion.

P. 112, Last Paragraph

“The CA is the Infinite Awareness because the CA also conveys that we are only consciousness, and all of time and space is an illusion.”

P. 117, Paragraph 5


The IA is the CA because they use the same language. I presume that entities in the IA/CA know that they are not the ATI, but they continue to pass themselves off as the ATI to mislead us in their communications. They also speculate a lot but portray their philosophies as fact. This shows me that the IA/CA is not the top-of-the-line awareness it tries to portray.


I deduced that these two entity-based groups are the same group because many of their concepts and word formulations are very similar; however, upon my further questioning with the All That Is, The Pure Essence (ATI,TPE) about the 13th dimensional Cosmic Awareness faction of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order, the ATI,TPE stated that the Cosmic Awareness and Infinite Awareness are indeed different entity groups, but they are similar in their objectives and beliefs. I apologize for my simplistic deduction.

The Cosmic Awareness is unique to our Milky Way Veca’s 13th dimension, and the Infinite Awareness is in our Veca’s 5th dimension, revealed the ATI,TPE. A Veca is a super galaxy of 15 dimensions; it is not cosmic or infinite. The ATI,TPE stated that the Infinite Awareness is mainly composed of Jehovian Anunnaki. This is interesting about the Infinite Awareness because Icke’s books equate the Anunnaki to Reptilians while vilifying them both. As my book shows, Reptilians and the original Jehovian Anunnaki are two entirely separate races. Jehovian Anunnaki were originally amphibious and are still mainly amphibious, but some Jehovian Anunnaki have interbred with Reptilians. I wonder if Icke erroneously deduced on his own that the Anunnaki are Reptilian because of his research about the Sumerian Tablets. Until we learn more, we do sometimes make mistakes in our reasoning. Icke is not aware of the multitude of alien factions that affect our planet. Actually, no one is aware of every alien group out there because we have limited experiences and references.

Historically, the Jehovian Anunnaki have been at odds with Reptilians, and their wars have carried to our Earth politics. During this very important time period around 2012 A.D., many of them have joined alliances to further a combined effort against humanity. My book sufficiently explains this as well as other entity groups who position themselves as more powerful than both the Anunnaki and Reptilians.

As for the distinction between the Cosmic and Infinite Awarenesses, I clarify this in my book’s second edition and also better analyze the Cosmic Awareness’ perception.


Updated March 2012

CHAPTER 7: Most Powerful and Ra Star Clarifications

P. 274, Paragraph 5

“The Anunnaki were the most powerful fallen group in our Veca until Metatron and the Bourgha-Budhara Shan Ter EL came onto the scene.”


This sentence is not entirely correct because the other groups were on “the scene” but less directly involved with humanity until more recently. This sentence was written earlier and piecemealed from incomplete sources at the time, but the rest of the book explains it away. Therefore, you may just omit it entirely.

I made a mistake in echoing sources that deem particular groups “most powerful.” I do not prefer to call any group, race, or person “most powerful” because this can be relative; this phrase in the context that I meant rather applies to extremely terrible technologies that can be used.

P. 300, Last Paragraph:


The ATI confirmed that Ra is a star, and this is where the Sphinx is facing.230 If the Leonine people live on Ra, then this star is in HU-2. The ATI revealed that Ra is also linked to a wormhole to Wesadek. Ra is the main star of the 1st degree Freemason tracing board, which has a type of stairway to heaven to reach Ra.


The Leonine people are not from the star likely nicknamed Ra. The image of the Sphinx has no correlation to the direction the Sphinx is pointing; it pays homage to certain Leonine beings whom are highly revered by some Anunnaki.


Updated July 2013

CHAPTER 5: Archangel Michael’s Involvement with Jesus

P. 190, Paragraph 6


“The GA said that Michael incarnated as the second Jeshewua”


Oops. The GA did not reveal Jeshewua’s relationship with Archangel Michael. It only revealed that an Elohim was involved. I filled in the blanks and showed that this entity was Michael. I also explained that Michael did not properly incarnate as Jeshewua; he fully possessed him.


Updated July 2013

CHAPTER 5: Reverend Gideon Ouseley’s Works

P. 179, Paragraph 3

“None of Ouseley’s works were historically dated, but they were obvious prophecies. Ouseley wrote the Apocalypse of St. John, which proved that the Essene belief was perpetuated by contributing entities through their prophets.”

The paragraph’s correction should be:

“Ouseley’s unofficial Gospel was not historically dated; it was an obvious channeling that aimed to perpetuate the Nazarean or Essene religion based on the biblical past.”


Contrary to the reference’s statement that I did not initially fact check, Reverend Gideon Ouseley did not write the Apocalpse of St. John. This is actually another name for the Bible’s Book of Revelation. In addition, while I showed that The Gospel of the Holy Twelve was a channeled work by Ouseley, he properly authored other books or booklets.


Updated May 2012

CHAPTER 5: Appolonius of Tyana

Appolonius of Tyana

Appolonius should have been spelled Apollonius of Tyana. Tyana was in the pre-Turkey region of Central Anatolia. The etymology of Anatolia is Greek.