Services – Theresa Talea


Option 1:  $95 for 70 minutes on Skype with Theresa Talea


For the one hour and 10 minute session, I can assist you in your personal energetic and discernment skills. I can show you how I connect with my core/higher self and All That Is, The Pure Essence and help you do the same. For this type of work, you will need to be awake in a sufficiently quiet room. I can also supportively challenge you to think in new ways and to weed out inconsistent thoughts and beliefs. If you are open and willing, we can have a focused session where we tackle issues head on. I will provide a safe and loving environment for you.


For your information:  Years ago, I applied to graduate schools to become a social worker or marriage and family therapist, but my life took a different path. Although I have no formal credentials for counseling, I have relevant real-world experience, knowledge, and insight that can provide valuable food for growth.


Option 2:  $50 for either of the following with Theresa Talea


a. Follow-up 30 minute Skype call


b. A letter discussing email questions that involve some research on my part. If a question necessitates in-depth investigation or you have more than one question, the fee may be raised.


Note for both options: If your finances are significantly limited, we can discuss a sliding scale fee.


Instructions:  Prior to the Skype consultation, an email specifying your main requests is required so that I can best prepare. I will send you a Paypal invoice upon acceptance of my service. I look forward to our connection.


Please get in touch through the Contact page. Thank you.