“Clarion call” to share your voice

Here is a real “Clarion call” to the people who can “see” me and have at least some resonance and alignment to what I and my mother present in my (and our) book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, 2021 third edition. We both are sincerely asking for something positive from you, if you would be kind and forthright to read through my message here and respond to my request at the end.

I know that my overall work—more so as time has progressed—has deeply critiqued the religious paradigm and specific groups within it. I purposely kept some distance to maintain a good measure of fairness and objectivity, although of course I have my own experiences and perceptions. However, just the fact that I have stood up and spoken up against the aggressive and possessive forces out there has enraged them along with at least one of their possessed humans to now want to harm me and my family directly.

I have been receiving threatening emails from someone recently who was directed by several entities, some of which were named, to channel messages to me and others close to me. These messages contain pages and pages of violent language against me and my mother because we are not choosing to follow and obey them. The person sending these messages is also threatening to block my and my mother’s documentary from being released to the public. Unfortunately, this is not a random person, but there is no resemblance to the person who entered my life years ago.

As I previously stated, the documentary is a supplementary work to my already published book, whose currently distributed version is the final book I will write. However, because the general public is more inclined to watch something instead of read a lengthy, involved book, the various God group entities are fearful that the documentary will have more reach than my actual book. It is true that we call out a lot in the documentary (based on our life experiences), but my mother and I did so with some detachment at times because we have shifted away from anything “God” related for about 19 years now. It feels so great to be able to breathe deeply in a much bigger reality outside of the suffocating box we experienced in religion. While we are exceedingly happy to be outside of that box, we do not feel as “detached” when there is violence being thrown at us. I especially am a very empathic human, so it’s impossible not to feel a measure of that energy, although I am deflecting it and pushing it away. And, I want to be clear that I usually do have some reaction because it is not only shocking to me but also heartbreaking that evils exist on our beautiful, conscious planet and elsewhere.

These overtly vicious, condescending entities have taken it upon themselves to now claim that they are the All That Is, The Pure Essence and Eia, while calling them “he” and “she,” respectively, to discredit the purity outside of their reach and divert undiscerning people to their dimensional level, along with calling themselves “God” among other specific names. They claim that they know everything while I and my mother know nothing true. What is true is that those entities never heard about the All That Is, The Pure Essence and Eia until they could gain access to unstable humans who heard about them, and who allow and even want those entities to possess them. Those entities only learned about these titles/names while having zero understanding or awareness of what these identifiers represent and what eternal essences and energies actually are, because what is truly free exists beyond the reach of the controlling, phantom (i.e. walking dead) entities. The people who want this aggressive power say they feel strong with it when that strength is just a heightened energy from an abusive entity or entities, whose energy is taking over such people and destroying the natural components in them.

I don’t want to be involved in a battle when what I really want is to be free and me. But, I am aware of the reality here, and it does take a battle—albeit a different type of “fight” by standing and moving in a separate energy and our own identity—to free ourselves from those whose sole purpose is to enslave and destroy us.

While the extremely aggressive words and energies thrown at me do somewhat affect me, and it has affected others close to me who have read those messages, we have already decided to not go back to any religion or controlling entity ever again. I am standing firm where I am today and will only go forward. If I look back, there is a door to a very big, dark room where a lot of humans already are, and they have large followings to continue the channelings and possessions with religious beings. That room has every idea available, where the imagination can run wild and turn into a belief so strong that there is no perceivable way out. Beliefs that lack actual logic and reality are the epitome of mind control, suffocation, and fear, which is what I can see as that black room. Of course I want people who have been swayed by the loud dictators to open that door and get out, but that door is also there to try to suck those of us who are out to get back in. I will stay outside and not even look in that direction.

Most supporters of my work have kept to themselves and/or contacted me privately because of the “niche” and individualized nature of the key messages in my work. My call is to you as well as those who are more outspoken:


I would like to know in a public manner if there is something in the information I provide that has helped you personally in a positive way? Did you perhaps feel clearer about your individuality and autonomy since reading the book, and can you stand as your true self without fear? I ask that you please respond with one or two positive insights from my large book that you have taken with you. You can reply under this post on my Facebook author page or via the contact page on my website at www.rediscoverypress.com/contact/. If you reply via my website, I will insert your response at the bottom of this letter over time. You may choose to give your real name—full or just your first name, or a pseudonym if you are not comfortable being public, along with some location as a state or country.

I think and feel it is increasingly important to support each other as the individuals we are who want to do what is conscientiously right, regardless of our differences. When we choose beautiful connection instead of destruction, our mutually good energies expand and protect us even more. Thank you for your presence, kindness, and care.


Theresa Talea

Below are your thoughtful responses, which I will continue to add here (thank you!):
Clarion Call Response – April 15, 2023, by Alex Balistreya (California, U.S.A.)

Thank you for asking for this supportive collaboration with your audience. I feel honored to share the following since Theresa Talea’s book has been so important to me. I would like to say that Talea’s book and direct consultations with her have helped me gain fundamental life skills through proper knowledge, awareness, and logical and intuitive discernment, which continue to assist me in building an increasingly stable self-identity that can appreciate my unique qualities. Through her newer developments and understanding in the book, I have found a deep sense of my own value and goodness. I’ve learned and deeply resonate with the fact that despite our shortcomings as humans, we have special capabilities and actual strengths made more accessible through the freer mindsets supported by Talea in her writing and videos.

I’ve also come to discover how valuable life actually is and how it is an immense tragedy to be stagnant, lost, confused, or misunderstand our very nature and the big context of our lives. So much life on this planet suffers due to these misunderstandings, which in turn often leads many people into more confusion by handing their minds over to the misuses of knowledge in this world’s cultural, religious, and spiritual ideologies. Talea’s book and in-depth clarity regarding complex topics about our humanity and cosmic context all have helped to discern and correct these areas of misunderstanding for me and put things in their proper place. From reading her book and speaking with her, I have been left with an enduring sense of inner strength and inner support in facing life’s challenges.

I am always grateful for what she has done through this book as it provides a tangible assistance to people to continue to develop and grow as we naturally should on an ever-increasingly life-aligned path with the beautiful Earth.

I am here to defend the honor and reputation of my teacher and friend, lady Theresa Talea and her work Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. When I first unboxed the second edition of Theresa’s book and saw its front cover several years ago, I immediately felt that it was the thing that I had been searching for my entire life. Additions to the third edition felt genuine and enlightening as well. When I read Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods for the first time, I felt several times in my core essence that the book was telling the truth. I felt very sweet and good energy imprint that the book conveyed from its author.

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods has given me so much new information that I could not have received from anywhere else, like what is really going on with this Earth and our ascension options, eternal realms and domains, Krysthal science etc. But the most important of all knowledge from the book was the nature of reality and purest conscious essence, All That Is, The Pure Essence. It really helped me feel free to explore the truth without any feelings of guilt.

I’m grateful that Theresa’s book showed me my value and potential as a human individual after so many oppressive decades in a strict religion. It has been my protecting shield of truth in the moments of despair and when I have felt a seduction to return back under the influence of religions. It explains and reasons things very thoroughly, revealing and giving a clear picture of things for the reader about the origins and true nature of religions, galactic history, etc. Theresa Talea’s book has comforted and inspired me when I have encountered hardships. I’m grateful for her efforts put into it. It’s my most precious treasure that I have.

With love and pure intention,
Lauri Erlamo (Finland)

You are seen Theresa Talea, and I answer your call, even though now for the most part I have chosen to remain away from the world, cloistered, and dedicated to inward, deep connection. Only now, because of the knowledge that Shapah and you have gifted, I can claim this. The purity of the All That Is, The Pure Essence, Eia, Earth, and all innocent beings that choose an eternal path is to be protected.

Rend illusion: be inspired to stand for life, freedom, love, beauty, creativity, and truth. Shapah and Theresa Talea have boldly come forward to assist others despite the risks. What they have accomplished is outstanding, and resonates throughout creation. Thank you for all that you have given.

~ Anonymous

Clarion Call Response by Scott (New York, U.S.A.)

I cannot thank you enough for the vital and life changing information you have so generously shared and delivered with such eloquence and love in your monumental book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, third edition. After more than four decades of searching for the deepest truth and understanding possible, I can say that your book has had the most profound influence upon me in my quest for truth. Your book provided so many answers to the questions that I have carried for all those decades, and it opened up an entirely new and refreshing outlook that I instantly resonated with and continue to assimilate into my life on an ongoing basis.

It is hard to briefly describe all of the positive insights that I have gleaned from your book because they are so numerous, but I think I can sum it up by declaring that I now stand solid and strong in the knowledge and understanding that I am a unique, sovereign, and free human being who no longer fears the oppression and control of programmed dogma. Your words have guided me to experience and reclaim the wholeness, freedom, and expansion from connecting with my true self, and this has simply been life changing.

I have been searching “the truth” for a long time, and in this process, like many, have come across a lot of material, be it books, blogs, videos and so on. It has taken a longer time though, to understand the various layers of good, less good, and deceptive sources and material. In this discerning process I have read thousands of pages and listened to tens of hours of videos, of various authors. Among these I found some that I consider “cornerstones” of substantial information that have matching (albeit not identical) narratives and scenarios. Some have info not shared by the others. Is a difficult puzzle to put together, but with the consistent research a somewhat coherent mosaic seem to take form.

Your articles and your book are among these cornerstone sources. There is a lot to digest in it of course, and I read it twice. Probably a third time will follow. I found really useful the articulate description between the natural universe and what we can define as the synthetic/false one. Your book has a description of the “false god” ways, like very few sources can boast. You do a good job of exposing the lies, deception, sense of guilt, and all the array of toxic material that made Christianity such a powerful enslavement tool. Also you name the various kinds of entities that seem to operate among the human realm, and give a good description of the positive ones, some that many sources tend to under describe.

The “ascending” Earth part is also convincing. I always had the impression it was purely new age deceptive mumble jumbo, but I’m starting to think is a real process. Of course, the deceptive entities planned to steer it in their favour with all these “harvest” theories that are so common in new age circles, when the harvest they were planning would be a soul trap.

Another point that resonates to me in your book is that “souls” have incarnated on earth for the first time. I remember when I first studied Buddhism, with its concept of an inescapable wheel of reincarnation, I instinctively felt unease and had the feeling that other scenarios were also at play. (Enslave the mind, enslave the soul). This seems confirmed in your book, and in some other sources I have read. I feel it is a real uplifting and liberating notion.

Also, I have a few books on “near death experiences” that describe the access to them, the famous tunnel of light. Although what they described seemed ideal and hopeful, there was always something “mechanic” and quite “coercive” about the way souls were dealt with there. A big moment of “ah hah” was reading your article about the “Exposing the White Light Lie”. That is quite a priceless piece of information.

Kind regards,
Giuseppe (Italy)

In response to the Clarion Call, it is a joy and honor to stand with you & eternally aligned peers, to express and share my voice and deep appreciation. Theresa Talea’s works and graceful guidance towards greater self-empowerment, freedom, true self-knowing, realization and alignment with true eternal energies, is and has been absolutely transformative.

I’ve experienced many positive shifts in my life, inner-awareness and self-actualization after having crossed paths with and read the works of Theresa Talea, and the revelations brought forth by Shapah. Due to the impeccably presented knowledge and truth revealed, from their writings, communications and guidance, I was further able to discern and recognize the deceptive & false entity interferences in my own life and at large. Receiving clarity and revelation around my true self and the true eternal origin of all life—All That Is, The Pure Essence—allowed me to see and at last release the shackles binding me. I’ve since cultivated the inner strength to stand courageously and joyfully as my true self, to face and sever past interferences, and continue to expand onward in self-rediscovery, towards greater everlasting life, love, truth and wisdom.

At this most auspicious time in our collective human history, these revelations have been a truly liberating gift and a homecoming lighthouse. Words don’t suffice to convey the deep appreciation for the courage and great efforts made by Theresa Talea and Shapah. May we all be inspired to rise and stand awake, courageous & liberated, soaring towards a brighter future and everlasting life. With eternal gratitude, love & joyful flow.

~ L (U.S.A.)

Positive perceptions of the book – Caio (Brazil)

I’ve been trying to find solid information for a long time and that actually awakens a good feeling with my internal structures. I found Theresa’s book recently – about 2 years ago – and I want to say that since then I have grown a lot in my internal process and in my personal purpose as a human being on this planet. I still deeply wish to have more information with her and her mother, Shapah, on individual issues. I deeply thank you for having found something solid and eternal in this life. I still don’t know where my essence comes from or if I’ve always had this quest, but I’m sure it was the most beautiful and beautiful knowledge I’ve ever received. I will remain steadfast in the quest and break free from the law of belief and new age spirituality. I feel free.


Reading Theresa Talea’s book, and subsequently interacting with her and Shapah, definitely changed my life. Despite more than 15 years of intense spiritual investigations, I still had ties to certain spiritual entities, and my conceptions were still strongly influenced by beliefs in the Law of One. Although it seemed fundamental to me that spirituality coincided with freedom, I did not fully feel this freedom. This book and the subsequent exchanges have allowed me to be more connected with who I am at the deepest level. Because of this, I am less dependent on outside sources and feel more free. Discernment seems to me to be an absolute necessity on the spiritual path, and especially in this world influenced by various energies and power-hungry entities. The contributions of Theresa Talea and Shapah have allowed me, I feel strongly, to gain in discernment and, without closing myself to the world and to the energies that surround me, to be more vigilant to the potential detour of energies while remaining connected to what I am deep down and to the pure and eternal energies.

Charting a path and opening the door to eternal energies seems to me to be another fundamental contribution of Theresa Talea’s book and message. At times, when all the spiritual illusions have been exposed, I have often wondered if there is still something pure and restful left in this world. This book opens a door to the eternal energies and their purity. One of the messages of this book is incredible to me: despite our precarious position, we can connect to profoundly and truly pure energies that are inaccessible to entities not in tune with this purity! What a hope! We are free, because even on this Earth we can connect to the purest of things and transcend the limitations of our “dimensional confinement”. Sometimes, in the heart of myself or in a beautiful nature, I feel this purity and everything seems more luminous, more alive. Far from the mortifying energies, Theresa Talea’s book opens a path towards a vibrant life. Finally, I also remember the sharing of the Amenti Blue Flame, so beautiful and animated with eternal life. More and more I connect to it and feel the importance of connecting to it, for its protection or simply for the beauty of the energies it gives off and the connection with the eternal energies it allows.

Beyond the book, through numerous exchanges by email and Skype, I could see in Shapah, and in Theresa Talea with whom I exchanged more, a real search for alignment and integrity, which is fundamental for me because I think that ethics is an absolutely necessary spiritual safeguard (and a real marker of inner evolution) in this world where the spiritual ego can be so present and must, in my opinion, be permanently monitored. In my written and Skype exchanges with Theresa Talea, I have above all met a sincere, honest, transparent person, animated by a vibrant purity and life whose beautiful energies are felt through the screen. A deep and simple person at the same time, with whom humor is never far away.

Sincere friendship.
Thank you for everything,
Jérôme Metirapeas (France)

Ma lecture du livre de Theresa Talea, et par la suite mes échanges avec elle et avec Shapah, ont définitivement changé ma vie. Malgré plus de 15 ans d’investigations spirituelles intenses, j’avais encore des liens avec certaines entités spirituelles, et mes conceptions étaient encore fortement influencées par des croyances en la Loi du Un. Malgré le fait qu’il me semblait fondamental que spiritualité coïncide avec liberté, je ne ressentais pas complètement cette liberté. Ce livre et les échanges ultérieurs m’ont permis d’être davantage connecté avec ce que je suis au plus profond. Grâce à cela, je suis moins dépendant de sources extérieures et je me sens plus libre. Le discernement me semble être d’une nécessité absolue sur le chemin spirituel, et particulièrement dans ce monde influencé par des énergies diverses et des entités avides de pouvoir. Les apports de Theresa et de Shapah m’ont permis, je le ressent fortement, de gagner en discernement et, sans me fermer au monde et aux énergies qui m’entourent, d’être plus vigilant aux détournements d’énergies potentiels tout en restant connecté à ce que je suis au plus profond et aux énergies pures et éternelles.

Tracer un chemin et ouvrir la porte aux énergies éternelles me semblent être un autre apport fondamental du livre et du message de Theresa Talea. Par moment, quand toutes les illusions spirituelles ont été mises à jour, je me suis souvent demandé s’il restait encore quelque chose de pur et sur lequel l’on puisse se reposer dans ce monde. Ce livre ouvre grande une porte vers les énergies éternelles et leur pureté. Un des messages de ce livre me semble incroyable : malgré notre position précaire, nous pouvons nous connecter à des énergies profondément et réellement pures, inaccessibles à des entités n’étant pas en phase avec cette pureté ! Quel espoir ! Nous sommes libres, car même sur cette Terre nous pouvons nous connecter à ce qu’il y a de plus pur et transcender les limitations issues de notre « enfermement dimensionnel ». Parfois, au cœur de moi-même ou dans une belle nature, je ressens cette pureté et tout me semble plus lumineux, plus vivant. Loin des énergies mortifères, le livre de Theresa Talea ouvre un chemin vers une vie vibrante. Enfin, je retiens également le partage de la Flamme Bleue Amenti, si belle et animée d’une vie éternelle. De plus en plus je me connecte et je ressens l’importance de me connecter à elle, pour sa protection ou simplement pour la beauté des énergies qu’elle dégage et la connexion avec les énergies éternelles qu’elle permet.

Au-delà du livre, par de nombreux échanges par mail et par Skype, j’ai pu voir chez Shapah, et chez Theresa Talea avec qui j’ai davantage échangé, une véritable recherche d’alignement et d’intégrité, ce qui est fondamental pour moi car je pense que l’éthique est un garde-fou spirituel absolument nécessaire (et un véritable marqueur d’évolution intérieure) dans ce monde où l’égo spirituel peut être si présent et doit à mon sens être surveillé en permanence. Dans mes échanges écrits et Skype avec Theresa Talea, j’ai avant tout rencontré une personne sincère, intègre, transparente, animée d’une pureté et d’une vie vibrante dont les belles énergies se ressentent à travers l’écran. Une personne profonde et simple dans le même temps, avec laquelle l’humour n’est jamais bien loin.

Amitiés sincères.
Merci pour tout,
Jérôme Metirapeas

Clarion Call

It is laughable to me that anyone attempt to lay claim to Theresa’s critical, scrupulous investigation – or her languaging of such. Even if the schematics require tweaking – and I’m not saying they do – Theresa ( & Shapah’s ) EPIC prima facie submission remains to my view, THE most relevant discussion on the planet: obviously harnessed through raw humility & personal determination. Yes, “THE most relevant discussion on the planet.” I’m not mincing words or sentiments. It is unfortunate but unsurprising that you’re on the radar of “officious-ness.” I’d envisioned this life was about mining for beauty & hosting dinner parties. Somehow I (unwittingly) morphed into a “researcher”…unsatisfactory academic record and the works. Now here we are.

My phone makes strange noises, and I’ve been trolled in forums. Having sampled some stupefying (and maddening) interferences – technocratic, spiritual, personal, etcetera, I took to “messaging privately” and toying with aliases. Meanwhile, Theresa Talea, you’re on the front lines.

Truly, dearly, really – I can’t imagine where my mind would be without your work. Where my conclusions would be, where my trajectories might lay. (Mining for beauty is still on the raster: COHERENCE is the entire discussion!) Hang Tough, Ladies.

In Fidelity and Inestimable Appreciation,
Margaret Alaresa (U.S.A.)

Hello Theresa Talea, I hear your Clarion call and I need to say, there is hardly anything I can write about your book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. Your book is beyond anything I know and have ever read and heard. And the beyond is for me hard to put into words.

Since my childhood, I was heavily religiously conditioned and educated in world matters, but still somehow looking for something (truth). In 2020, I told myself enough is enough. It took me 9 months of deep search to find your book. My next step was studying everything about mind programming, personal disorders, traumas, what is going on in early childhood and so on. Everything with some physical practice, which helped me from falling apart. Now I know I have two beautiful tools. One is physical practice (which I need due to my fragmentation, for inner cleaning and my brain). And one is your book, which helps me better understand deep inner feelings, see hidden agendas, grow in awareness and embodiment and distinguish information from different sources.

Your book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods is giving me more in feeling there are different types of energies and entities, especially those that are supportive, respecting, loving and eternal. And All That Is, The Pure Essence. I can say it is not a book for me, but a living knowledge. So alive and so deep.

Thank You, Theresa Talea, and your mother, Shapah, and wish you both the best.

With warm regards,
Miroslav Apolituri (Czech Republic)

Response to the Clarion Call

There is such a wealth of information in this book. It has become a daily guide and companion for me since I found it several years ago. The logic, and clarity in Theresa and her mother’s search for truth that was presented in this book resonated with an honest confidence that had me fully engaged from page one. It took me through our long arduous more recent history, but then shares the beauty of our beginnings and a joyful, hopeful future. Along the way it exposes who we truly are at the depths of our being. This for me was the heart of the book. Stepping out into this new found freedom was for me a breath of fresh air. Bringing forward this inner flow from more pure eternal sources has been so transformative for me my gratitude overflows for the immense effort Theresa and her mother put into this amazing resource. Discovering and connecting with more eternal realms and the quiet, calm, uncomplicated identity of the All That Is, The Pure Essence is for me basking in greater truth, integrity and love. This connection has assisted in creating a more beautiful harmonious integration with my true self. Words to describe or explain its full beauty are hard to come by.

As I learn to stand in my own merit and freedom, worldly ideologies and dogmas drop away creating yet more freedom. This path hasn’t always been easy, but experiencing this new spacious freedom and love is so full-filling and encouraging, it becomes the only place I desire to be, thereby creating a strong intent to stay connected which then provides strength and awareness to thwart undesirable energies. As I continue forward with pure intent, the discovery of my true identity grows and replaces old, illogical belief systems and a scattered psyche into a more whole congruent self. My heart is flooded with joy and gratitude for these discoveries.

The books, videos, interviews and correspondence by these two lovely women have provided and continue to provide a great deal of support throughout my learning, my struggles and my growth. I am thankful for this opportunity to join others to express this love and appreciation. I stand with my beautiful lady friends Theresa and Shapah who have my eternal gratitude for their undaunting and unrelenting commitment to truth!

~ Karen Kalpurmias (Colorado, U.S.A.)

Theresa – I am answering your Clarion Call with immense gratitude for your body of work as well as Shapah’s. After my spiritual “awakening” some 10 years ago, I made my way through all the new age propaganda, including the many channellors. My drive for truth was relentless which initially lead me to the Voyagers series and finally to your books and yourself and Shapah. Through each step of my journey nothing fully resonated with me, and with a discernment and innate knowing I didn’t understand at the time, I could weed out lies from truth. It wasn’t until I found your books that I finally found “the” truth. Information and a cosmology, based on your incredible and thorough research (including information from your mother’s extraordinary abilities), that fully resonated with me.

In my humble opinion, your work is the most important work in this field that has been done to date. Because of your and your mothers drive for truth and courage, I unequivocally know who I am and why I’m here. I stand proud and strong in my truth without fear or uncertainty. I promote your book to those I encounter searching for truth. I am forever grateful for your tenacity, determination and courage Theresa Talea and Shapah. Stay the course! Let the vicious and threatening words roll off you like water on a duck. They are pitiful cries from the desperate and lost. I look forward to your documentary with great anticipation and will share it far and wide. There is no doubt that it will reach an audience who desperately need to hear it. Thank you thank you thank you with deep love and gratitude.

~ Cindy/Salnorias (Ontario, Canada)

Theresa has helped me in many ways, both in terms of insights and information, but also as an exemplary model of forthrightness and integrity.

I discovered her book, fortunately, at the beginning of my spiritual awakening, after college. I don’t know where I would be without it, given all the twisted paths one encounters as a seeker of truth. Although I am sometimes drawn towards esotericism or mysticism, I return to Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods to remember the fundamental truths of our reality, and what’s really important.

Also, when I’m feeling insecure our defeated, I look again at my “Self Rediscovery” document that Shapah provided me. It reminds me that I’m on a quest, and have been for a long time, and that even if I’m not an “ascended master” (ick), I have a lot to contribute, with a unique and vibrant life story, behind and ahead of me.

I love Theresa’s written voice, because she is calm, grounded and thoughtful. What a contrast to the pedantry, snark, and self-righteousness I see everywhere else. It reminds me to speak carefully and not become confrontational or dismissive when someone has barriers to this kind of information.

A core insight of her book, revealing the All That Is, The Pure Essence, is something a wise grandma would share with a child at bedtime, without philosophizing or dogmatism. It could be a truth we’ve known our entire lives if only deep down. Theresa also challenges, often directly, many misconceptions about “spiritual” topics like the following: Is “Creation” a mix of “light and dark”, and the meaning of life to struggle? Are higher realms a heavenly nirvana, where “enlightened” beings exist in a permanent state of blissful union? Is God an all powerful being who nonetheless requires our worship and obeisance? No, no, no! These, and many other, questions are settled carefully but firmly. It would seem, from the available literature, that “spirituality” means either religion or New Age mysticism, but Theresa shows the true path, a path that leads away from these control systems.

Finally, Theresa has been open and generous in our personal interactions. I’m sure she gets a lot of people wanting to unburden themselves on her, and I was no exception! She helped me grow beyond that stage of my life. In every way, she has proven her commitment, again and again, to be a leader and an example of truthfulness and integrity.

Theresa Talea is my hero, and my friend.

All credit is due to Theresa and Shapah for living their journey, and giving of themselves to share the truths they found. Thank you, Theresa and Shapah!

~ Robbie (Salt Lake City, UT)