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Greetings Everyone:

This is Linda Shapah. Welcome to the New Year 2024 with joy and increased awareness! For the past 12 years since publication of Theresa Talea’s first book, my journey has been a time of growth with increased personal awareness and integration in my abilities that connect with the All That Is, The Pure Essence (its most accurate revealed identity). As a result, I have become more directly connected to the layers within myself in a congruent manner, which comes with ease on a daily basis. (Note that humans may abbreviate its title as ATI,TPE for our ease of writing and speaking, but this abbreviation is not preferred by the All That Is, The Pure Essence when we directly connect with it.)

I have received numerous requests from people to ask the All That Is, The Pure Essence about who they really are. As of July 31, 2022 and onward, I am refining my service involving the topic of self-integration by focusing on the present along with a forward momentum toward a trajectory attaining most or full self-realization. One’s full self includes a measure of awareness of one’s higher self, as well as an awareness of the layers within one’s human composition. Therefore, I will help address any prominent residual energy from one’s past—possibly including any reincarnated human lives—that may be hindering the client from going forward in one’s true self-integration journey, while I will not delve into other past life experiences that could deeply distract from the present.

Option 1 provides a list of questions that specifically but also somewhat broadly address various layers of one’s authentic self. Option 2 provides the opportunity and support to ask additional inquiries related to one’s individual process of self-integration. Both Options are directed to the All That Is, The Pure Essence’s connection from my core essence (which naturally aligns with my higher self, Shapah) and the truth-seeking client’s core essence to reveal the answers. These Options are listed at the end of this article with the requested fee for services rendered.

Recall in Talea’s book titled Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods (2021 third edition) that the All That Is, The Pure Essence is not an entity that gives highly detailed explanations. Its pure consciousness chooses what it desires to reveal, sometimes depending upon the openness and resonance of the individual. Talea and I request that you first read her book before requesting a service with me, so you will be equipped with a foundation of knowledge to better understand the scope of this service. The book explains the deeper DNA blueprint, the pathway from internal “communication” and connection to the All That Is, The Pure Essence, the higher self, dimensions, reincarnation, what it means to be self-integrated as one’s true self, and much more.

I have decided to streamline my service to gain information solely regarding self-integration to help minimize distractions and the potential for people to view my service through a religious lens.

The set of questions presented to the All That Is, The Pure Essence and its received communications can provide a useful tool toward your personal probing within the layers of yourself to potentially gain more congruence and joy.


My Process


First thing in the morning when I am most clear and refreshed, I connect and align with my inner core essence in conscious, pure intention. I extend this focused energy to meet with the extension of All That Is, The Pure Essence, which then flows back to me along my DNA pathway, allowing direct, protected communication for my questions to and answers from the All That Is, The Pure Essence. If the answer is not strongly communicated by the All That Is, The Pure Essence, then I will ask the question in ways to get a “Yes” or “No” answer. For example, if I do not receive the actual planetary or star system name, I will present various names to the All That Is, The Pure Essence until the answer is a clear “Yes.” The following day or two, I ask the set of questions again in order to receive confirmation or clarification. Lastly, I type out the answers to the client. Depending upon the length of communications, and complexity or simplicity of questions presented, the entire process for Options 1 and 2 can take a few days up to around a week to complete.




My service fees are listed next to each option’s set of questions below. The fees include taxes and Paypal fees. Please send a message through our contact page with the subject “Self Rediscovery,” and write Option 1 or Option 2. Please include some personal information about yourself such as full name, age, place of residence, and why you are interested in my service to obtain a focused service specific to you, the client. This information will be kept confidential. I will reply with an email agreement that will direct you to

Option 2 involves asking new questions about an already completed Option 1 service. Please read the disclaimer below and the additional instructions stated under Option 2.




The services that I provide are related to self rediscovery only. Questions regarding future events and directing relationships with other people will not be accepted.

To elaborate: 1) I do not wish to be a prophet like a fortune teller. Future events are only predicted and known from the limited scope of the present. 2) I will not act as a medium who will contact dead loved ones. 3) I will not ask about what another person thinks or feels. In this public service, I think it is an invasion of privacy when asking the All That Is, The Pure Essence to convey deeper truth about other humans. I advise to go within and present questions of utmost concern that affect your personal growth and understanding.

I do my best to provide completely accurate answers. It is ultimately up to the client to determine what he or she wishes to believe.


In the set of questions provided below, I am not including questions about the person’s DNA capability according to one’s potential pre-Earthly race because the current underlying human DNA template should carry at least 12 strands as the “Angelic Human” blueprint, while a minority carries up to 24+ strands as the Oraphim “Indigo” blueprint. Depending upon the person’s desire to connect to eternal energy, one’s DNA template can become further expanded in the ascension process.

Theresa Talea has already compiled ample information, along with her connection with her higher self, the All That Is, The Pure Essence, and more, for her current books shown on this website. I request that you schedule a service with her to learn how to apply tools and knowledge of natural self-integration to our human position.


Option 1: Pre-Earth and Self-Integration Rediscovery–$250

1. a. Does *client’s name* have a higher self who is from another planet or star system? If yes, what is the name of this higher self’s original planet or star system?

b. If it is within a galactic system, what dimension is it in?

c. What is the name of the higher self of *client’s name*? (with enunciation)

d. When *higher self’s name* left *his/her* original planet, was *he/she* a child, teenager, adult, or elder?

2. Why did *higher self’s name* leave *his/her* original home?

3. a. Did *higher self’s name* visit another planet or star system prior to visiting Earth? If yes, what is the name of this prior planet or star system?

b. If it is within a galactic system, what dimension is it in?

4. Why did *higher self’s name* decide to come to Earth?

5. What would the All That Is, The Pure Essence like to communicate to *client’s name* to help *client* better live as *client’s* true self?

6. Is there any prominent, untoward and heavy energy from *client’s name*’s past experience or events, known or unknown by *client* from this life or a potential past life, that is hindering *client* from moving forward as *client’s* true self? Please explain.


Option 2: Five New Questions Toward Self Rediscovery–$225


Per the above instructions: Option 2 relates to answers previously given in Option 1. You can ask five new questions pertaining to deeper understanding about your complete self, which I will consider for the listed fee. This option may be prorated if you want to ask less or more than five questions, with a fee charge that also can be less or more depending upon the complexity or simplicity of the presented questions. I will respond with an acceptance, denial, or request for alteration before I would commence the service.

(If any previously completed answer in Option 1 needs clarification, you may present a small follow-up question for this purpose at no additional charge.)

I advise that you try to be as detailed as possible in your questions in order to avoid miscommunication (a paragraph of about 2-3 sentences—not questions within a question). If you ask a question that can be answered with a “Yes” or “No,” then you may write an added sentence that says, “Please explain.”