Below is the entire introduction in the book Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods:


How can a human such as I know truths or facts about God and the greater universe? Truth does not equate to omniscience; it can merely point out accurate aspects of the big picture to help us achieve sufficient understanding for our needs. Science and religion are two fields of study that actively tackle such aspects. Instead of favoring one perspective over the other, I think it is wise to put all views on the table to see if they coherently fit together as a valid picture. If they do not, then we can choose which paradigm we desire to expand, thereby leaving behind what does not serve us.

There are too many half-truths among us. We are inundated with contrasting information, but we usually decide to accept it because we do not know where else to look. Since birth, we have been taught to favor the teachings of our family and societal institutions over our intuition. “Obey your parents” is a popular commandment among religions. We must seek our answers in elders who in turn follow the elders before them. Religions and spiritualities are embedded in this ancestral and societal knowledge.

When we follow other people’s stories and viewpoints, life becomes reduced to an external experience. We are now reduced to operating and thinking as others have done.
When we create the space for introspection, we can apply our logic and intuition to our experiences that often do not follow the past. I doubt that any thought is new, but we are in a dynamic present that allows an open-minded exploration into the holes of logic over which we previously glossed. We can gain more congruency instead of continuing the trend of putting a flimsy band-aid over disjointed experiential facts.

Truth is factual. Truth is not a belief, but it can equate to some beliefs. Truth in the greater sense of the word is a grounded, fact-belief, whereby it expands a fact throughout our layers. Accordingly, truth ties in reason that carries forth its integrity throughout all levels of creation. Reason can involve a measure of belief when it uses that extra “feeling” of intuition.

For example, I have “known” that there is a greater energy of goodness, a perfect purity that is free from anything destructive. My experiences know the full spectrum of pain to joy, but my intuition tells me that joy and love do not need any pain for it to exist. There is separateness, not a confusing bundle of gray. I want to further explore this good energy apart from the world views already given to me.

This exploration is not measurable in the empirical scientific method. Ironically, scientists carry out expensive experiments to try to measure such intangible and invisible phenomena. They do not wish to accept subjective interpretation even when such subjectivity is experienced by almost everyone. Logic can tell them that such phenomena exist beyond our three-dimensional experience; our dreams, visions, and senses of drastically different energies are a small example of what we cannot fully explain.

A very expensive scientific experiment is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the border of Switzerland and France. It consists of a 27-kilometer underground ring of superconducting magnets that accelerate particle matter to the point of extreme annihilation. In 2012, the particle smashing has finally presented what is believed by scientists to be the subatomic Higgs boson theorized as the “God particle.” In February 2013, the LHC was shut down for maintenance and upgrades until 2015 “so that the twin beams of particles can race around at nearly twice the energy: as much as 13 trillion electron volts,” states a CNN Tech author.1 Physicists behind this project surmise that more destruction would prove the Higgs boson as the ultimate God or universal particle, or another pre-particle might be discovered.

Logic and theory warn scientists that these experiments can be dangerous, especially because a “mini bang” black hole and resultant wormhole could potentially be created. If God is a natural, alive subatomic particle, logic would also tell them that destroying something is not the way to find God. Such annihilation would maybe give that subatomic particle a life of a fraction of a second. How mass can accumulate from decaying matter is illogical to me. In addition, it is possible that a small, natural subatomic particle cannot be observable. These scientists are basing this experiment upon their belief in measurable, creative energy that started or arose from the Big Bang. Their God entails destruction, so that is why they have no problem carrying out this precarious experiment.

Major religions can agree with these scientists because their God also performs destructive acts. Instead of calling their God a particle, it is rather a personified being. The major difference between the Gods of science and religion is that science’s destructive model assumes God is extremely short-lived and recyclable, and religion sees God as eternal and generally unchanging. However, when we personify God in religion, that opens up the possibility of a finite existence.

It would be great to find solid truth through prevailing scientific and religious information, but their perspectives contain bias toward beliefs that already categorized such otherworldly phenomena. Since the greater universe and energies are beyond our grasp, we often lessen their magnitude just enough to fit within a workable framework from which to understand. We then build upon those ideas to find something somewhat new instead of eradicating them and starting fresh from within an open mind and heart. Scientists have an edge on religious followers because some of their discoveries and theories open up an entirely new paradigm. Religions teach against such open discovery because they want steady comfort in their ancestral paradigms.

The bottom line between both science and religion is that they are in awe of external marvels. In their respective ways, they will allow each marvel to do whatever it wants so they can ooh and ahh over its abilities. While this can be a learning experience, it can easily dismiss our inner gauge that tells us to step back, think twice about the situation, and regain ourselves. We can already tell that a lot of strange symbols, artifacts, and experiences are a part of this life. Nothing is really new. We do not need to give away worship or free reign to anything or anyone. We only have given it because of our mental view or programming toward it.

I was one of countless people who associated a religious God with the truth. My Catholic upbringing framed my perception, so when I started questioning that faith, I merely bounced to other religions to follow-up with finding the truth that they claim to possess. I barely dabbled outside of Christianity because it was ingrained into me that Jesus was “the way, the truth, and the life.” The boldness of Southern-style, fundamentalist Christian pastors also caught my attention. I thought, “Surely their enthusiasm and strong words mean that they have the truth?”

As I adopted the fundamentalist Christian paradigm, I started to wear truth as a badge of honor. I was a student of the religion, but I thought I was better than everyone outside of my religion because they did not know what I did. Most of the population was lost, backslid, or outright sinners; they were all going to hell, or so I was taught. I was saved, well, as long as I stayed a dutiful student-servant.

My propensity toward questioning the elders did not sit well with them, though. I eventually realized that those questions were the vehicle that “saved” me and brought me to find clear truth outside of religion. I discovered that there are many half-truths in religions, so my little superiority complex was really a distraction from having no solid foundation.

Interestingly, I did not think I had such an ego while I was very religious. Thankfully, my new awareness humbled me; I could objectively see how presumptuous I was by telling everyone that they were wrong because they did not believe as I did.
I will not know all truths, but this is not my aim. My aim is to do what I can to unravel the ball of string in institutionalized belief systems to delineate clear lines between contradiction and sound reason. Opening the mind without bound and with active participation (to prevent losing one’s own intuition) opens the door to profound yet glaringly simple information. This information was within me and everyone all along. I just did not trust myself enough to believe it.

My quest for facts and truth helped set me and my mother free. She was used as a prophet since she was a young woman; this largely prevented her from exploring her individuality because she was literally used as a body of God to give His messages to others. Chapter 1 expounds upon her story and how she found the pure essence beyond God as well as some levels in-between.

Chapter 2 explains my background that brought me to religion. I wanted to believe in miraculous stories because I desperately needed healing in many ways. I looked outside myself for that God-man to love and heal me; this only set me up for failure in my personal life, as chapter 3 explains.

Chapter 3 shows the step-by-step process of how my mother and I fully came out of religion. This is a unique chapter that speaks from my perspective during each step of awareness. I explore Christian teachings about God, and I provide several prophecies that my mother received that mirror these teachings. Her prophecies also complement and illuminate the struggles that the Bible’s prophets experienced; they were used against their will at times, and the messages often did not help them.

The religious paradigm teaches us to have faith without questioning, as though God takes care of everything. As we finally paid acute attention to our thoughts and reactions to our religious experiences and teachings, we realized how unsettled they made us feel. In fact, the teachings were riddled with misinformation, even lies. Religions give us some truth; people stay in them because on some level, the message resonates with us. However, just as a bad relationship holds us back, the religious experiences of me and my mother brought us division and heartache. We were being held back from our full potential. We found strength to break free of the strong programming, and we have found boundless knowledge, security, and joy as a result.

Chapters 4 and 5 investigate the environment that created the half-truths of Judeo-Christianity. Chapter 4 focuses on the background of Judaism, while Chapter 5 puts the Messiahs of Christianity in the spotlight. Both chapters show the seamless flow between the two religions, just as how Judaism emerged from other religions before it. No religion is truly unique, nor is any religious God. With this in mind, chapter 4 uncovers the reason behind sexism and sexualization of women, and both chapters note political unrest that was more of an issue than the particular God people worshipped. Sometimes religion is used as a front to deeper socio-political and environmental concerns. Because the gods are not significantly dissimilar, religious division can be a diversion tactic that distracts us from seeing the agenda of control over Earth and its people.

Chapter 6 shifts gears toward the scientific “religion” of God in its view of creation from the Big Bang. I explore natural versus unnatural science, for there is a science that is based on non-decaying matter. I use my inner gauge toward truth and otherworldly information akin to prophecies, but this information is not prophetic, as you will understand.

We are not alone in the greater universe; there is awareness beyond us. We also embody levels of consciousness that complete us as humans. There is a wealth of information that we can tap into, but so far only certain material has been approved by religious or scientific sects. I have deciphered several hundred prophecies from my mother in addition to visions and countless other messages and insights between us. This experience has helped me weed through other sources of information, including various channeled entities, to present my findings to you. These findings fully resonate with both the religious and progressive quantum physicist belief that there is eternal life in energy that becomes matter.

I request that you read this book carefully and sequentially from start to finish before jumping ahead because numerous topics are progressively expounded and interwoven. I provide notes where further explanation exists in upcoming sections for assurance and memory placement. I make this request because the reader should be prepared with the proper background to address the uncomfortable information in chapters 7 and 8.
Chapter 7 introduces our galactic history as well as other related galaxies. I finally uncover the racial identities, characteristics, and agendas of the gods.

Chapter 8 explains the history of the Earth and what should naturally happen from 2012 to 2022 A.D. and afterward. I continue revealing the god group agendas that cause instability to us and the Earth, and I explain countermeasures to their actions.

Chapter 9 directs us inward to the layers within each of us. Now that the external factors are known, there should be no delay in getting to thoroughly know who we really are. I introduce each aspect of our composition and ultimately provide the “Aha” moment of how much control we really have over ourselves and our lives.

Chapter 10 explores and critiques the foundational tenets of the Law of One belief that New Age, esoteric, and Buddhist spiritualities embrace. Often, when people leave blatantly hierarchical religion, instead of pushing past mainstream belief systems, they turn to the less obvious spiritual hierarchy embedded in the Law of One.

Chapter 11 explains tangible energetic differences and the importance of discerning them to help us direct our paths in this life and the afterlife. At this final stage of the book, the reader can accurately determine where he or she wishes to direct the next step.

I thread nuggets of important information throughout sections of this book, so I suggest you use a highlighter or take notes. I also reveal many biblical themes because they are embedded into the world’s societal construct. No matter your religious or anti-religious stance, I ask that you read each section of this book with an open mind toward wide-ranging knowledge from a multitude of sources, perspectives, and experiences.

My objective is to empower the reader with knowledge, not only about outer events but especially about oneself. My wish is that every person opens the avenue of full disclosure and communication within oneself so that we can master our own lives. There is no need to be a follower of someone else’s paradigm that does not fully embrace our experiences and perspectives. Certainly, we must learn information, but we should always check it within ourselves in honest introspection.

Perhaps two vivid dreams that I had can represent this book’s overall message of staying connected with the good energy within oneself despite unsettling or scary events.


People who looked somewhat reptilian walked throughout my neighborhood to capture everyone. I took a loved one with me and tried to find a hiding place, but we were found.

We were corralled into a group of people and brought to an underground pen. There, people were naked, carelessly having sex, bathing, or just lying there in several concrete rooms, usually with blank looks on their faces, although a few acted out their aggression. I looked into the main floor, and there were feeding troughs with people voraciously eating, face first into the trough. A woman was frantic while she scurried past me, crying out how her hair was messy, as her sole concern was to look pretty. I felt the fear of my situation. I momentarily linked to the mentality of the room, and my mind became darkened, dulled, and unable to control as my own. I started to feel trapped, and in that mental box, I felt my personal world shrink to a focal point of physical trivialities and animalistic tendencies. I had to quickly bring my mind out of this state; I knew the claws of this mentality could change me the more I allow myself to fall prey to it.

As I walked onto another path that crossed through the feeding area, a human hybrid was on the opposite end walking toward me while scoping the room. He was using telepathy to monitor their thoughts. In my observation and feeling that the energy around me was weighed down into a self-focused, preoccupied obsession, I could tell that the hybrid was making sure that everyone was in that mind frame.

As he passed me, he sensed that my mind was lighter and more open, so he turned toward me and called in reinforcements to start a mind control assault. As this happened, I activated the energy of my higher but internal frequency. I went into my core and pushed out this vibrational energy to create a wall between them and me. I never did this before [in my dream’s awareness], but my intuition knew the strength of this energy. Putting out my arm [as the girl demonstrates on the book cover] helped me to visualize this wall and keep it there. The barrier worked. Then, I expanded this energy throughout the entire room to reach every human, and I called out, “whoever wants this energy, come with me.” I did not say “whoever wants to leave, come with me,” because this energy does not identify with anything in that place; it is known as freedom. Nearly two-fifths of the people came toward me. The expressions on their faces were visibly different than the rest of the people who were too consumed to know better; they looked hopeful and eager.

As we walked toward the exit, I could not tell if the door was shut or locked. I kept up my arms toward the incoming hybrids and pushed them aside with the energy I sent. I never once allowed my mentality to shift toward doubt. I knew I was different than they were, so although they had physical power, I did not allow what I saw to override what I knew. I knew that energy is what creates matter, and I knew the solid power of congruent love, truth, goodness, and open awareness, so I stayed in that energetic world and made it my world around me. It worked! As we approached the thick door, it was left partially open, so we proceeded to quickly walk out of that building to never return. It is interesting that this door was left open because the mind control and negative energy is what kept people trapped instead of their physical environment. None of us were chased to be captured again because we knew more than ever before where we stand and what our capabilities are.

In the follow-up dream, I told other people about what happened. I said how important it is to stay in this energy no matter what. It requires belief when we are shaken, but that belief is based on truth and reality due to the scientific and experiential knowing of this original, different energy. A Catholic family member chimed in at the end and said she agreed with me. She said that she would then send wrath to the enemies since God did the same in the Bible.

I spoke up and said, “No, that is not what we do because that would require us to get out of the energy of love and truth to then direct the wrath toward the hybrids. That would change our focus, thus changing our energy. This cannot happen because we with our weaknesses need to keep the focus on the pure energy so that we maintain the protective difference between us and them. Later, we can feel the anger on our own terms when processing everything, but when in a direct confrontation, the only way to succeed is to stand within the separate energy.”


These dreams can be interpreted as stories similar to those presented in religions because of seemingly far-out characters and abilities. However, there is truth in her- or his-story because any experiential phenomenon captured in history can be documented as fact. The discernment comes whether we wish to accept those experiences as beneficial for our lives. There is a dual reality conundrum wherein we are aware of the facts of the leading world view, but we can remain largely removed from that perspective in favor of something better. My dreams illuminated that when we are aware, we will not allow our minds and actions to mirror the obvious to subtle manipulations by other people who wish to control and devalue us.

Let us work together to wade through the many stories to find the solid ground of truth upon which we can see each other eye to eye. Then, we can co-create a more harmonious world because we are finally connecting with each other and our true selves.