About Theresa Talea


theresa-smFor as long as I can remember, I was the “deep one”—the thinker, philosopher, and questioner. I wore my heart on my sleeve and meant what I said. I have also been empathic to the point of taking on another’s suffering. It is easy for me to delve into a past or present experience to explore its multiple layers, and I can actually “see” with both my pineal gland and core self into those layers to weed out the discordant thought-energy.

Although other dimensions and realms are not tangible in our density, my abilities sense those places nearly as strongly and real as how I experience Earth. I also have the keen ability to connect to people’s cores—their true, inner self—which can help illuminate and clear blocked emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energy. These coupled with my diverse experiences, unfortunately including severe sexual abuses, illnesses, and much rejection, have proven to me that pure intent, determination, and naturally intrinsic energies have the power to overcome personal fragmentation and obstacles. I have pushed through many hardships of this life to find and anchor myself in eternal-based energies that are beyond the “death science” of our struggling galaxy. These purer energies with lasting compositional integrity literally boost my entire self from the inside out, from a panicked, depressed, and physically pained state to one that feels truly alive and able. The memories and physical ailments can remain, but they are finally manageable.

This is my first life on Earth without previous incarnations. I also have one higher self from a higher dimension, which I explain in my “What is a Higher Self…Really?” video. I was born with an acute awareness of my true inner and higher self consciousness that are mostly blended in my human state. Although I never fully felt at home here, I am physically human (although with a larger Oraphim-Human “Indigo” DNA template), and I value this planet and its inhabitants. Whereas most humans have reincarnated here more than once, and many have previously lived in several other dimensions as their respective higher self, I do not think that this gives superior awareness; instead, numerous lives and burdensome experiences, especially in a distorted body, can lead people away from their original self-awareness.

I feel that my uncommon position as a relatively young and aware being (in the bigger picture) provides a pure gauge toward what is unnatural, and I do not need more experiences to build upon that already solid foundation. Thankfully, I stayed sufficiently true to my core throughout devastating struggles to progressively gain and maintain flowing, congruent connections among my natural inner layers. I have realized that looking to something external to save me and take the place of my ability has disempowered and diverted me away from my capable composition that reveals the tools and wisdom I need when I pay attention to my own consciousness and desire to live as an integrated, whole person. In other words, I retain my energetic wholeness when I am not readily giving parts of me away to religious beliefs and entities. I can learn from others, with discernment, while I hold onto my genuine self in the process.

My large book shows how my inner and higher self kept nudging me as my good conscience to peel away walls built with layers of survival mode, fear, anger, sadness, and confused world views. These layers normally arise when experiencing abuses and unloving energies, but they also tend to build a false self. Humans are meant to be fully vibrant and connected to the eternal flow of energy that we intrinsically know. I want to help us remember this beautiful truth, and we can break free of the bonds of deceptive and destructive beliefs together.