Knowing and Embracing Your Main Quality as a Conscientious Person

What word or synergistic words would you use to define your dominant quality?


Over the past several months, I’ve seen very clearly that I am a protector. I have leaned into this word to really understand it within myself, and it has helped me by putting things into perspective about my “warrior” nature. Sometimes it has been too stimulating and exhausting being a protector, especially for an extended period of time. I also have felt anger and sadness in response to people’s unconscientious actions that create harm. I must have more balance, so it is now time for me to lean more fully into the nurturing and healing qualities I have within my protective nature.

As most of the people know from our Skype talks (see the “Services” page), I have said that it is crucial to fortify our personal energetic field with the expansion of one’s core essence. Too much has weakened and distracted us—ultimately disconnecting us—from our true selves and our integral relationship with life-supporting Earth. It is time to really think about shifting forward toward real life, real and lasting connection, and real health in every way, which can happen in one or more steps at a time.

I know what I need to do in myself and in my environment to help nurture and heal what I can. Do you, and will you? I invite you to be your shining light wherever you are in the world, and your natural light will radiate along with the light of our conscious Earth. Together, no matter how few of us there are, the strength of our integrity will be more far-reaching and stable than whatever intrusive energies try to impact our planet. Just look at the girl on the cover of my large book—she’s there alone but decidedly protecting the Earth from nefarious intruders! Well, she is not really alone in the bigger picture. 😊

I ask you to ponder my question in my first sentence to not only learn more about yourself but also to declare yourself with an intentional purpose as a conscientious person. Of course we have more qualities as well-rounded people, but seeing our individual, main motivator—one’s positive, important mission—is really helpful when clearing out past distractions and becoming more aligned with one’s authentic self. Please keep your dominant quality in mind as the new year begins.

I am sharing that I am a protector/nurturer/healer. From today onward, I will learn more about my inherent ability as a healer. I am very happy to move more into this role because I want to further expand my eternal-based energy. I will continue taking care of the animals, earth, myself, and receptive people in my immediate environment, and I will be increasing my focus on my natural self-integration and ascension readiness.

I will explore and share some significant topics with you after I learn and experience more along this pre-ascension journey. For starters, I suggest that you read or re-read the 2021 third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods for a knowledgeable foundation. May our pure-intended focus on LIFE now and in this coming year connect and flow with more life and all the goodness that this word (including its energy) entails!