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Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods:
How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within 


After being raised in a Catholic family, and indoctrinated by twisted society with lots of programming within a communistic regime, at a certain point of my life, like most of the truth seekers on this planet, I started asking myself more and more questions about our reality, about sense and purpose of my life and existence in general.

After being a devoted Catholic genuinely practicing that religion, I have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire being introduced to another even more manipulative religion of the New Age movement. I spent in there enough time to be brainwashed and disinformed, turning my life upside down. Even though I was dedicated to certain philosophies and I worked with unbenevolent (at that time I perceived them differently) entities, there was always something within myself nudging me to dig deeper and deeper into the truths, which for the time being seemed to be ultimate. I always had some reservations to go all the way into certain meditations, or so- called activations.

A few years before the infamous year 2012, I made another turn in my life finding “accidentally” the teachings of MCEO-GA presented by Ashayana Deane. I was instantly drawn into them thinking I have found what I was always looking for. I have gotten engaged quite seriously into the whole scheme of techniques and workshops. My mind was into those teachings but…I did not fully feel it with my inner core. I still had some doubts and reservations, I was disapproving many things I saw during workshops. Unfortunately, being seduced by my logical thinking, I tried to dismiss those doubts. Until the moment when all reached a critical point, and I felt really distressed after the long foretold workshop of Dec. 21, 2012. Then I quit everything related to MCEO-GA-AC. I focused on my true self.

Theresa Talea’s book, the third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, has come to me out of nowhere. At my first glance, when I started reading its first chapter I was a bit skeptical, but once I studied Theresa’s website I decided to delve deeper into the entire book, and the knowledge it presents. I was drawn again but it was not the same ecstatic kind of magnetism I felt before, it was steady and pure calmness. Studying its contents page by page I was discovering something I would never expect. After MCEO-GA-AC teachings I thought nothing will surprise me anymore, but I was wrong. It did. It did reassure me in what I was feeling, and confirmed all of my prior doubts, …and reservations I had towards other teachings.

This book is an excellent workbook for conscious Human beings and genuine truth seekers, who want to expand their knowledge and gain more awareness. It is also a great compendium of universal and earthly history, and knowledge denoting religious manipulators, for those who make their first steps towards awakening and stepping out of the sinister paradigms constricting their lives and stripping them down from their inner power.

Theresa’s book helped me immensely to regain self-integration and self-empowerment. Besides the vast knowledge that I could find in this book, it has also initiated the process of internal communication with my true and only Higher Self as well as All That Is, The Pure Essence, paving the way for obtaining more awareness, intuition and calmness.

If you resonate with energy carried by that book, I highly recommend buying it. It is a must have position on the shelf of the self-empowering library.

Two thumbs up Theresa Talea, great work!

Mario M.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
November 2018


Life-changing & Self-empowering – A must-read (and re-read)

The review submitted by “Alex” [below] completely captures my sentiments about this phenomenal book. Having said that, I would like to add several thoughts of my own. What Theresa Talea has done here in her 3rd edition is nothing short of brilliance. It amazed me to discover the extent in which she was able to clarify and expound on what I believed to be an incredibly detailed yet digestible effort in her 2nd edition. Her work is exceedingly sophisticated while remaining accessible to the reader. Her ability to advocate for human self-empowerment and freedom while presenting on such vast cosmological concepts is remarkable. She is unmistakably and refreshingly genuine in her effort to implore all of us to free ourselves from the belief that we need anything other than ourselves to align with pure and eternal energy. Furthermore, it is conveyed that with a pure commitment to explore deeply within ourselves, we can rediscover who we truly are and always have been – our True Self. These efforts will naturally result in us possessing an ever-increasing inner-knowing that will aid us in fully reclaiming our alignment with pure, eternal, flowing energy as is our birthright. I commend and am eternally appreciative of Theresa Talea’s unabashed pursuit and dissemination of Truth, Purity, and Love in her work; which, as the headline of this review indicates, has been life-changing for me. I highly recommend purchasing this book if you find that it resonates with you in any way. Eternal, flowing energy to all.

L. Allen
New York, USA
January 2018


Packed with Updated and New Information from Author

The third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods has been such an important part of my own self-integration and growth. The influence of other-worldy information has stunted humans for ages and Talea attempts to assist readers to break free once and for all from manipulation and deceit that is commonplace on this Earth. With the large amount of detailed information in her third edition, she courageously analyzes and critiques these popular beliefs of New Age and religious spiritualities to bring us forward to a better future starting with each one of us individually.

I see her efforts in this pivotal publication standing for many decades into the future. The information presented is grounded in reality and also authentic experience from Talea. She highlights our individual ability to stand as innately whole people in the midst of so many hidden and overt agendas that seek to fragment us. This information, I sense, will continue to help future generations in discerning and ultimately gaining their wholeness as beautiful and capable people.

I spent many years involved with a Law of One New Age group that Talea clearly discerns and discusses within this third edition. She logically presents all sides and possible influences of this popular belief system which has helped me to re-discover my own ability and discernment to see more clearly the flaws of this alluring belief system.

The vast amount of material that Talea lays out is weaved beautifully together to bring a bigger picture to readers. It has the potential to spring those reading into action to truly see and claim our lives’ potential and birthright as humans. She speaks to readers with a relatable appeal and equality that gives us the space to discern what information is out there—ultimately reminding us of the larger awareness we can find within to decide for ourselves what to believe.

The big theme throughout Talea’s book that I cherish and hold onto is that of self-empowerment and increased capability that I have come to feel is really limitless within each of us when we delve deep within to discover it. As I continued to read each new page in this updated edition, I was able to see with increased knowledge how deeply the deception runs in the human race, and her book has helped to reignite the flame within me to stand for what is good, pure and right—no longer allowing myself to accept anything less.

I highly recommend this third edition for those sincerely seeking and wanting to be inspired to live fully aware in what their life potential has to offer from within.


Alex Puckett
California, USA
January 2018


Tremendous Tool In My Self-Integration

Theresa Talea’s book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, has been a tremendous tool in my own self-integration and self-growth. It has helped me to reclaim my personal power as an individual, and gain much needed awareness in this controlled, flawed world we live in. Coming from a background of studying various “New-Age” and “Old-Age” Religions, and always feeling like something was not right, I finally have the understanding and knowledge from Theresa’s amazing book about why I was being nudged in my true feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent within these controlled paradigms currently running rampant on Earth.

Theresa exposes in depth the various interdimensional political sides to our precarious situation on Earth at this time, and offers the tools and resources needed to be able to handle these sometimes unsettling truths—ultimately empowering us as Humans to be all that we are: self-integrated, independent, Loving and free. Within the book she lays out a plethora of in-depth research and information from a variety of sources to complete a whole picture of what exactly is behind many of the popular Religions and persuasions currently on Earth, as well as contributing her own incredibly poignant intuitive conclusions about these things (with constructive outside clarification and confirmation from trusted, pro-Human sources), thus setting the stage to give the readers and humanity in general the ultimate choice to make more educated and knowledgeable decisions when it comes to involving oneself with the many religious and entity group information out there.

Theresa also ventures to do something that I have not seen done before: she puts forth a solid and honest attest to the flaws in most of the currently popular religious, scientific and entity based information, offering the reader refreshing options to realize the freedom within oneself, not in something/someone outside. She weaves together a lucid Earth history that you won’t find in main stream history books as well as current Earth ascension options, and allows readers to understand the vast panorama of what it truly means to inherit our beautiful Human life on Earth at this time. Within the book she inspires each one of us to do the work to see what feels “right” to us; she bravely expounds on all the information and puzzle pieces to bring about a more honest account to our current Human predicament, reminding us that we all have the ability within to know what the truth is. Theresa Talea, through her book, has inspired me to insist upon truth, purity and Love in my life—something that so many self-serving entities want to steal from us. It is now the time to remember who we are as beautiful eternal Humans! Wake up world, and read this book to help remind us of our truly eternal nature as beautiful Humans!


Alex Puckett
Florida, USA
November 2015


This is the kind of a book you would like to have at home and come back to. While reading I started to understand the world I am living in from a more clear perspective. I started to understand the hidden history and politics. There is a lot of information for people new to the subject and also for more advanced truth seekers.

Before reading the book I started to follow a quite known spiritual teacher with some insights and big inner seeing, but something did not feel good about the teachings and exercises. When I read Theresa’s book, I felt like coming home. In this book I got the answers to my doubts!

While reading the book, I also started to recognize that some ways on my way, for example with learning specific healing forms, were neither good for me or for other humans and our earth. It was an awakening discovery because I really want to help myself and others, and I am very thankful for the information. Now I also remember that my little voice inside me always was there, but for several reasons I did not recognize the guidance, for example because a friend was excited about one specific belief and I wanted to believe my friend.

I cannot explain how thankful I am about Theresa’s and her mother’s work and courage to open the curtains and show what is behind the real backstage of different belief systems like religions and philosophies. With excitement I am looking forward to their future work!

The title of the book is perfect, “Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods”. The title gave me hope and strength that we lovely humans will have the life we deserve and that we still can change the future. I strongly recommend you to buy this book for yourself and if you can for someone you care about. It is a precious gift.


Nina Greenwood
December 2014


This book is life changing. I found myself reading it twice and continue to refer to it on a regular basis. If you begin with the premise that Theresa is examining false beliefs in the religious, new age and science theory boxes, you will find your mind and energy able to rise beyond these boxes for maybe the first time. This was the case for me with the Law of One/new age box. I now see & think completely different. A deep sense of gratitude goes out to Theresa Talea for demonstrating the courage to write this book.


Marilyn Cohen
November 2014