At the First Glance

This website’s information is NOT New Age. Nor is it religious. My book titled Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods provides balanced and substantial information about Judeo-Christianity (with ample Bible passages), similar religions, New Age beliefs, and exopolitics. I work to determine how otherworldly information is scientifically and realistically valid. My new book, Proposing a “New” Cosmology Beyond Death Science, delves deeper into physical cosmology paradigms for people wanting a science-based focus. I push many boundaries, so please do not be quick to judge my work that you do not yet understand. Some of what I reveal is brand new to the public.


Second Edition Announcement

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods:
How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and
Discovered Universes Beyond and Within

I am excited to announce that this book is now finished! You may read the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 1 in this website’s Menu. Please go to the Orders page to purchase a softcover, hardcover, or electronic book. Thank you.

Theresa Talea


Book Description

Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods is a comprehensive book that guides the reader into journeys within oneself and beyond. It introduces a mother and daughter who genuinely desire truth, and they first utilized religion to find it. What should have been a path of awakening instead took them down a rabbit hole of diminished choice, knowledge, and freedom. This culminated in Talea’s mother being used as a tool to spread the “truth” via prophecies she received, and Talea was being groomed toward a similar path. It took great effort and insight to climb out of that hole and stop the manipulation, which Talea shows in her realizations step-by-step.

Popular books derived from otherworldly sources rarely if ever critique the gods or angelic guides of those messages. If criticism is found, people often turn to another religion ruled by similar entities. Talea’s book is unique in that she not only analyzes her mother’s prophecies, the Bible’s, and various other sources, but she also brings us outside of mainstream spiritual beliefs to a more complete picture. Figuring out who was spiritually directing Talea and her mother and the reason why were pivotal steps to gain back themselves. They have learned how to separate truths from lies, which religions and New Age spiritualities are notorious in combining.

Research into the roots of Judeo-Christianity shows evidence in Egypt, Sumer, Anatolia (Turkey), and Greece. Talea uncovers historical and otherworldly identities of Judaism’s patriarchs and Christianity’s demigods, and she uses archaeological and cultural evidence as support. The transition from Judaism to Christianity was generally smooth because, as Talea asserts, their factions interweave almost seamlessly—along with purposeful division—due to a greater agenda. Theories about an Apocalypse and New Earth are key topics for our current time, and real-world politics play a prevalent role toward a one world order “under God.”

Talea also approaches prevalent scientific beliefs hindered by fractal, quantum mechanics. Is there really a realm based upon eternal life and not death and reincarnation? She says, “Yes,” showing how she came to that conclusion with theories about other dimensions and universes. Science and religion share multiple similarities.

Finally, she expounds upon key aspects of our wonderfully multifaceted selves that include energy “matter” beyond our mainstream understanding. With the extraordinary knowledge presented in this book, there is arguably more security and sense of self gained that ultimately empowers us more than any prevalent religion or spirituality can. We have more abilities and choices than what we have been led to believe, and we can choose our own paths in life, including the afterlife, which this book also explores.