Mission Statement


My passion is to help people connect the dots toward full self-empowerment. This means understanding the distinct difference between the intrinsic individual and externalized forces and dogmas. Built into reality is a measure of separation to maintain our unique conscious and spiritual aspects that fill our respective physical bodies. Each of us contains our own inter-dimensional pathway to eternal energies beyond.

We do not need gurus, gods, angelic guides, or ascended masters to bring us external energies that keep us living outside ourselves; we can start now to go within and weed out what is discordant so our internal flow becomes regenerative, health-giving, and free. This does not mean that we will cut ourselves off from what is external because the nature of life is interconnected in some degree. I am here to say based on experience and wisdom that the most effective way to truly know and direct oneself is to cut off otherworldly or religious entity-based ties, so we can take the tangible steps toward building the personal relationship with oneself. This is necessary because they have tied us through our family and culture since birth; we must create a personal space to finally discover our latent abilities we have ignored or suppressed. Only then can real change and progress happen in our lives.

What is strong to the core allows us to stand, not fall down or crumble to the outer winds that blow as they may. I call to get off our knees and stand in awareness apart from spiritual, emotional, and mental enslavement; this loosens and can dissolve the chains upon our physical body, and we each can finally feel whole.

With Love,
Theresa Talea