Our Documentary Film is Published and Ready to View!!

I and my mother are overjoyed to announce that after years of diligent work and also obstacles, our two hour autobiographical documentary film “Discovering the Beginning of Pure Consciousness” is finally completed! It is available for purchase and viewing at this Vimeo link: https://rediscoverypress.vhx.tv.

Even with a little nervousness we feel from putting ourselves on film in this personal way, we really love this content-filled documentary and how it flows, and we hope that you feel a connection with what we convey.

The following is the film’s concise description that is posted on Vimeo’s website (I also added instructions about the closed captions/subtitles over there):

This documentary film brings the viewer through the journey of a mother and daughter team navigating fundamental questions about life, especially eternal life, with their uncommon abilities and experiences.

I, Theresa Talea, grew up having a mother, Linda Shapah, who received numerous prophecies from the Christian God. I also had a deep energetic sensitivity bringing me to viscerally react to incongruent energies and ideologies in the world. As I matured, I increasingly integrated my energetic sensitivity with my entire consciousness, which prompted me to discern what was behind not only the prophecies but also religions and spiritualities revering any type of God.

Together, my mother and I moved through the maze of prophecies and otherworldly entities that would sometimes alter their messages to try to keep us under their control. When we finally freed ourselves, we could see a much bigger reality beyond the finite “God” realms. We also could see more of our true, abundant nature. We continued forward with unwavering pure intention toward real life and truth. We are sharing what we have discovered with you.

This California film contains our personal narratives, documents, and photos, told in an introductory and complementary way to what I have written in my expanded, 2021 third edition book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within. Please refer to the book for in-depth clarification (see www.rediscoverypress.com). My mother and I are not gurus, and the information we reveal—the beginning of pure consciousness—is not a religion. Our desire is to be free from power games.

We send our joyful appreciation to those of you who resonate with our message.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who has genuinely supported and connected with us. We also stand with you.

With love,
Theresa Talea (and Linda Shapah)

This Youtube video introduces and previews the documentary:


Update on August 7, 2023: Documentary Reviews

Below are reviews posted by viewers of the documentary who wrote in the comments section under the video. There appears to be a flaw in the Vimeo platform that only allows the viewers the ability to post and see comments. I will add to this list over time here and elsewhere outside of Vimeo for the public to see positive feedback about the film. I will also include some reviews sent directly to me.

I am relying on word of mouth from people who resonate with my and my mother’s documentary to please tell others in your path who you feel would also be open to its message and story. Streaming platforms have become expensive to cater to filmmakers wanting mainstream coverage, often creating lesser quality projects for more “hits.” The Vimeo channel I have chosen is a little more “niche” for my film. I prefer high quality, not quantity, and my big projects with my small business have involved all of me for lengthy periods of time. The prices I charge are miniscule in comparison to the effort I have given (and the fees the middlemen take). I also ask the people “on the fence” to consider this reality of being an independent creator/educator/artist and then trust their inner sense to take the leap and watch this film, and potentially also read the large book upon which it is based.

Thank you very much! I wish all of you well. ~ Theresa Talea

Dear Theresa Talea, Thank you for your exquisite work and efforts to bring the truth forth to the world across the globe. Beautiful and heartfelt documentary showing your sensitivity, empathy and professionalism as always. For those who did not read your book yet, it is a brief however concise introduction to your work in spreading awareness amongst all truth-seekers. Very professionally done filmmaking, narration and effortless self-expression and conveying message to all willing to accept it, encouraging for further exploration, as well as finding connection with Eternal energies and oneself. Thank you Talea and Shapah for opening opportunity and showing the way for others to free themselves from the shackles of deception and manipulation of this world and beyond. Thank you for your hard work despite all the obstacles you both encountered along the way. I am eternally grateful for all you have both done. Kudos to both of you. With Eternal Energy Flow to both of You, All The Best.
~ Mariusz Dec – August 29, 2023

I am so grateful for the incredibly special bond between this mother and daughter and how the goodness through their cores cried out for truth. They share in open sweetness how together their searching and exploring beyond what wasn’t making sense brought them to the discovery and experience of an amazing purity at our deepest roots. This a very important message that opens doors for any truth-seeker to discover for themselves the beautiful eternal flowing energies that offer amazing freedom and security. This message is interwoven with beautifully chosen music and a touching connection to our lovely earth. This is a very uplifting documentary holding so much beautiful promise amidst a dark truth. Thank you Theresa Talea and Linda Shapah for this exceptionally created and very important documentary!
~ Karen Kalpurmias – August 24, 2023

Such a lovely film with a grand opening, all its shots of beautiful landscapes and the pure, innocent energy emanating from Theresa Talea and Linda Shapah! Showing the actual papers of Linda’s hand-written prophecies gave an extra weight to their account, indicating the heaviness of religious influence in their lives to which I can relate as a former fundamental mormon. This magnificent production touched my core and gave me reassurance of my path of self-rediscovery after so many orchestrated attacks to drag me back to religion and other dark energies. I watched it the second time now and I’m very happy and content by its shining delivery. Many thanks!
~ Lauri Rapileguras – August 17, 2023

Thank you both for your hard work, tenacity and dedication in not only finding truth but sharing it. The journey shared in this film highlights just how remarkable you both are in that you were able to shake off the chains and dogma of religion and find an eternal pure consciousness and energies. We truth seekers each have our own unique spiritual journeys that lead us to this day, hour, minute, moment – mine ultimately lead me to Theresa’s Book which was a blessing beyond measure. I will continue to diligently and with pure intentions continue to see truth in all aspects of my life. This film and Theresa Talea’s books are an inspiration in doing that. Theresa and Shapah – I am on my feet, cheering and applauding you both with deep love and gratitude. I am so proud of you both. Job well done! Thank you and keep on seeking!
~ Cindy/Salnorias – August 15, 2023

I enjoyed watching this documentary. I’d already read Theresa Talea’s third edition book. A book which I rate highly, especially being a long time truth seeker. A book which has led me to reassess and reevaluate the spiritual/religious paths I’d been involved with throughout my life and up until this point. This documentary gave greater insight into how Theresa and her mother worked together as a team to discern and thus bring forth the information revealed in the book. I loved the balance the beautiful nature footage brought to the film. I’m someone who loves to get out into nature. Places that inspire my connection to the natural flowing energies. I appreciate Theresa’s overall message. Through her work she encourages me to appreciate and cherish my individuality more and more, whereas some of my previous spiritual/religious outlooks would often encourage the opposite. I value Theresa and Shapah’s efforts. I also found it heartwarming to see their beautiful connection.
~ HerbalTee – August 9, 2023

I am filled with joy, peace, freedom, and hope from watching Theresa Talea’s documentary film!

From the first moment I came across Theresa’s book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, I have always sensed Theresa and her mother as being exceptionally genuine in what they have worked together in their lives to reveal to us through their experiences and developed awareness. The film provides more connection to them and their discoveries in an intimate way, showing us the love and hardship endured in order to discover and reveal what they have. This includes showing past prophecies and similar otherworldly communications to uncover agenda-driven tactics by entities wanting to control them and us on a mass scale. They graciously share their journey in this film and what it has taken to reach the deepest and purest truth of the beyond. I am so happy to have seen it and grateful they shared such personal aspects of that process. I also really like how the images and music perfectly complement the entire film. I highly recommend this film!
~ Alex Balistreya – August 8, 2023

What a remarkable piece of work. This documentary really allows us to connect with who we are at the deepest level, and to open up a space of freedom outside the influence of power-hungry entities. In your testimonies, we feel this perpetual quest for freedom and connection with truly pure energy. Nature, present throughout the documentary, with its trees, birdsong and beautiful piano moments, underlines the plenitude that accompanies connection to eternal energies. Thank you Theresa Talea and Linda Shapah for opening this path of freedom in this fragmented world and building a bridge to the pure energies this world so desperately needs. I wish you and this beautiful documentary all the best.
~ Jérôme – August 2, 2023

What a wonderful documentary! I am happy for you both that despite the many hurdles, you persevered and were able to share this information with the world in this format. Thank you Theresa Talea and Linda Shapah for your perpetual commitment to Truth, Love, Purity, Peace, and Service.
~ In flowing energy, Larry Myastanias – August 1, 2023

Super sweet, cool and wise ‘beyond belief’ – pun intended here ! I first heard, read and met you more than 10 years ago – and, well, what can I say: I’ve been royally impressed from Day One and it just keeps getting better and better and better and more free and lovely and ….. in short: You both are an Imeausurable treasure in this world and on this Earth we are living here right now – beyond belief, indeed, and full of love, beauty, wisdom, humor and adventure ! And now, let’s fulljoy ourselves all Mankind together, straight ahead… Freedom is Let’s Dance The Dance of Freedom on The Dancefloor of Freedom !
~ Stefan – July 31, 2023


Just watched it for a second time – boy, it’s just so beautiful !!! That is Your music, my Dear Theresa and my Dear Linda – and the whole Cosmos is happily learning to sing Your sweet song and melody and is cheering all over the dimensions and Galaxies in Joy and Relieve and ETERNAL FREEDOM ! Thank You – you two wonderful Ladies will have a special place in my heart forever, we’ll stay tuned – sincerely Yours, stefan – The slightly crazy but lovely Guy with The Earth Axis who has decided years ago to put his ALL IN for Freedom, Peace & Liberation of Earth and Mankind – A’HO ! – August 4, 2023

Beautiful film. Beautiful journey. Beautiful daughter and beautiful mother – I love you both wholly and eternally. Thank you for making this film.
~ Gabriella – July 30 2023

I feel extreme calmness by watching and listening to your experiences much different from reading your book. thank you.
~ Phil – July 30, 2023