Progress with the Documentary Film

It’s time to say something about the progress of my and my mother’s long awaited documentary film. Back in October, I posted a little update on my “Theresa Talea” author page on about why there was a big delay, but I removed it in December on the advice of my litigation attorney for a particular reason.

I sought highly competent legal advice about the entire situation. The big positive is that I and my mother have happily moved forward with my company, Rediscovery Press, now creating another documentary film that we prefer, which I expect to be finished before this coming summer!

The fact is that the film’s raw footage is 100% derivative of my copyrighted books, and the documentary is entirely based on this raw footage. This is important because I maintain exclusive copyright ownership of my books and any derivative work based on my books. To add to my legal rights, all of the raw footage was filmed in my home state of California in locations of my choosing that are special to me. I have not signed or given any of my rights away.

While a lot has happened behind the scenes, I have been actively moving to free myself from obstacles trying to hold back both me and my work. I will always endeavor to retain the quality and freedom of the core energy in my continuing work. I hope to have more connection with people as I gain more time and energy to do so after my approved film is released.