Ascension Timeline Progression After December 2022

We are now in the month of November 2022. People are wondering, as I have wondered, about the advancing ascension timeline. Is Ascension a specific date of which we must be aware to ready ourselves? And how do we really ready ourselves?

When we may ask ourselves these questions, I feel that my focus turns outward at something impending and mysterious, which feels ungrounded and a little scary, as though something external would happen to us beyond our control. Ascension may also seem like a fictitious idea or belief when we imagine it from this perspective; even the word “imagine” implies something imaginary.

As with many Big Picture views, we cannot know everything, but we can be aware of ample truths as well as mistruths, or in more practical terms, reality and fiction. Instead of imagining ascension from an outward-looking, mental lens as a major climactic EVENT, rather, you can “feel” with your energetic and sometimes physical senses how you may be shifting internally in step-by-step stages of alignment toward ascension, and it is so natural that you might be overlooking your immediate reality.

Ascension is not some sort of magical event that instantly expedites and provides a short-cut from point A to point Z, either externally or internally. It involves an interdimensional flow of energy and matter that helps one’s aligned compositional layers to transform and eventually transfigure to meet the energy and matter in the next dimensional location. A key word in the prior sentence is “helps” because each energetically resonant being on our planet must do the internal work to weed out harsh energies aligned with destruction and death, and close off external, energetic streams coming from adverse people and otherworldly entities, so we can have enough of our eternal-based substance and natural light quotient to take most of our bodily form with us.

Natural ascension is a unique event allowing some people to leave this planet without physically dying, although a remnant of our physical matter will slough off when it is too weak to be carried forward. There is A LOT going into the process of natural self-integration to ready oneself for ascension energies. And, having proper awareness of where the ascension energies originate will further fine-tune personal alignment. Please, check the sources of so-called teachers you may be following who claim ascension is an expedited journey to a further dimension as though it is very easy to bypass our physical reality. We are in a galaxy and universe both infiltrated and partially created by death mechanics, which have a heaviness and disjointedness that cause varying measures of fragmentation instead of healthy connection and togetherness.

A fully natural flow of energy has a protective quality from beginning to end, because what is eternal-based (technically not eternal in our realm) always has a connection to eternal energies in an uninterrupted flow. Natural ascension basically corrects the course of fragmented death mechanics, so it makes sense that our fragmented Earth and the human body will essentially regain what they have lost historically, and will integrate with their original templates: Amenti Earth and the approximately 12-24 DNA strand human body, respectively. Amenti Earth is fairly close by in the 3rd dimension. Our netted Earth has existed in the 2.5 dimension.

Amenti Earth was always included in our natural ascension pathway, but the further pathway to Tara has been highlighted. However, and this is a big “however,” self-serving agendas and wars performed by “god”-like entities have simply made it too dangerous for us to go beyond Amenti Earth at this time; ultimately, they disrupted the natural energetic flow from Tara to Earth. Thankfully, Amenti Earth is being increasingly infused with supportive, eternal energies to continue supporting Earth in its ascension journey.

While there are many ways to approach this article about the ascension timeline, honestly, I feel it is a little premature for me to say more than what I have already written in Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, third edition. This “premature” feeling is a clear indicator within myself, letting me know, and now letting you know, that I deeply feel that the year 2022 is too early for any of us to ascend with the Earth’s core essence and a majority of its physical layers. Of course, I am fortunate to have additional intelligence shared with my mother and me from time to time, but this type of news actually validates what I am already sensing with my core essence, pure-intended conscious awareness, and self-integration. With this said, I still am feeling that the time to ascend is getting closer, and I have an inner prompting to be proactive, probably more proactive than recent years in general.

The following quotes are from my book, the 2021 third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, to show some updated information regarding ascension (while also briefly clarifying a stated reference). I suggest reading chapters 6, 8, 9, and 11, and some important background in the beginning of chapter 7, for a comprehensive understanding about this big topic.


During the full crest around December 21, 2017, the 8th dimensional galactic core aspect of the Milky Way—sometimes called meta-galactic core because of the Milky Way’s shortened kathara grid—should have transmitted spiraling energy “through the planetary cores of Earth, Tara, and Gaia for about 3 days, and the grids of Earth and Tara are in complete alignment” (p.116).121 While the meta-galactic core attempted to transmit its energy to Gaia, Tara, and Earth, their planetary grid alignments were slightly off course, states the All That Is, The Pure Essence. It is especially unclear how much meta-galactic energy Tara and Earth received because of the ongoing struggle for control of the Halls of Amenti passages.

Gaia and Tara are now predominantly phantom, and the Earth has started to infuse energies from the Aurora fields. For at least the next five years until or more likely after December 21, 2022, the morphogenetic wave would progressively slow until the final ascension process should be completed (p. 427).


The ascension timeline involving the SAC [Stellar Activation Cycle] and Halls of Amenti does not adhere to rigid dates because our planet is moving through a prison-like containment in order to become more free. Earth has a consciousness that chooses to sometimes sway its essence to deter interfering elements while on its journey forward, therefore taking extra steps and time. Natural capacity is not contingent upon timing, but a time schedule can be an estimated point of reference to what is naturally occurring versus what is trying to hinder progress (p. 444-445).


The ascension process is already in motion, so its general timeline is already upon us. If this knowledge is not enough to prompt people to work on themselves—in addition to already having the pure intention and desire to better themselves—then providing a specific date would not really matter to them. It would also potentially compromise our security and the safety of our ascension pathway if our Earth and associated eternal-based and eternal entities worked toward a specific date, and then allowed this precious information to spread to general humanity and “listening ears” of untoward entities.

What I advise now is to continue moving forward in alignment with your individual core essence and higher aware consciousness to gain proper self-integration, and the energetic integrity of this process naturally connects and leads us to where we truly desire to go. I am filled with joy to know that my own internal, core indicator is my primary and fundamental guide. Accordingly, as we become increasingly energetically aligned with actual eternal energies, we become increasingly sensitive throughout our entire being. I “feel” less dense, eternal energies much more precisely. I also can feel aches, pains, and various aversions in reference to coarse energies from others in my environment, but my heightened awareness identifies the reasons for my reactions and works to strengthen and shield myself.

As our Earth’s ascension timeline progresses, opposing powers are showing their separateness and absence of resonance, and they are causing more division. While that division tries to harm, the separation between life and death is exceedingly substantial, even in our moderately mixed world. Choosing to be separate from destructive energies and moving along with actual life are active steps toward freedom; this separation provides a protective energetic, mental, and even physical barrier that allows us to stand and shine as who we deeply are.


I and my mother plan to share more as time progresses, but not late. 🙂