Irony of the God Complex

I want to share my insight about the irony of the God Complex. As people realize that their human state contains an inner template that is more expansive, knowledgeable, and eternal than this body that comprises both life and death, some start to think that they no longer need to search for more truth. This is because their idea of self-integration is self-sufficiency to the point of being whole as an island. They lack understanding that the wholeness of our true self-integration necessitates connection and alignment with eternal energies that provide the eternal life imprint within the human composition, and much of these energies exist and flow beyond oneself in a bigger reality.

For instance, let us talk about the pure, eternal energy of Love. Love is a bridge. It exists as its own energy, but that very energy extends beyond itself to connect with more of existence. It is complete in itself, and that completeness surpasses its own natural boundary to connect with family, thus imparting its imprint into what is outside of it.

All the countless entities, particles, you name it that exist in the supercosmos are connected somehow, just as all Earthly beings are connected by extension of being created on the Earth. We have families of subatomic particles within us and outside of us, so they naturally communicate in an energetic flow. If we think that our learning about the bigger picture and who we really are means that our individual identity is the maximum extent of one’s existence, this places us on the opposite side of the spectrum from the New Age “Oneness” belief that says we are all One, and separation is an illusion. Being on any side of that polarization is highly unbalanced and unrealistic. As I continue to state, we are both separate and connected; this is the nature of life. The process of creation preserves individual integrity and identity while being connected to what is around and also within us as complex creations. As complex beings, we cannot exist without our inner template that is multilayered yet harmonious.

Harmony is an important word to ponder, for it entails unity among difference. It has an openness that acknowledges the importance of others’ existences, wherein we can consider their ideas in the potential for our increased, healthy growth. When I connect to levels of eternal energy, I do it in recognition of their existences, just as I’d say “Hi” to you while giving you my attention. It is a simple but powerful gesture of respect that values both of our lives, which I feel certain is what every human wants.

When we isolate ourselves as being entirely self-sufficient, we are actually promoting division and some hierarchy that closes off the natural energy flow between us and others. People in this state defend this self-sufficiency and dismiss new perspectives. The more I become self-integrated, the more I love and naturally connect; I do not alienate. I focus on our similarities in a positive way to bridge our differences toward some sort of cooperative relationship. (When I am attacked and already alienated, though, I turn away from those aggressors because they are not willing to accept or “see” me.)

The irony of false self-integration versus real self-integration is that false self-integration gives a narcissistic god complex that is fragmented and inferior, while real self-integration is more advanced and “superior” but without a superiority complex; it sees or at least acknowledges the big picture while the false self only has a partial but closed view. Accordingly, it is ironic when the “gods” posture themselves as arrogantly detached yet forceful authority figures. When we as individuals are truly whole, our awareness and energy are significantly more calm, secure, wise, and loving; therefore, we would not need to shout and fight to prove our worth, or conversely isolate ourselves in delusion because we experience stable, eternal energy.

Truth and Love go hand-in-hand.