Recent and Ongoing Projects: Book Translations and… Documentary Film!

Greetings! I have wanted to give an update over the past several months about my ongoing projects, but I waited to see how they would develop. First, as you may know, in March of this year, I published my final revision to my large book—Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How and Ex-Prophet and I Discovered Universes Beyond and Within, third edition. The specific revisions provide important clarifications and updates to the original third edition, requiring a new copyright (©2021). While this is an overall minor revision that does not render a new edition of the book, the “minor” is significant in the areas I addressed, most notably throughout chapter 9 and especially in the “Higher Self” section, chapter 11’s “Summary” and “Techniques” sections, chapter 10’s “Is There an Embodied Twin Flame?” section, and toward the end of chapter 8 regarding the current and projected ascension timeline.

In addition, I made sure to deliver the same information in this final revision to planned, upcoming foreign language translations of the book. I will try to concisely discuss what has transpired with the book translations, but the time and effort given to these works, and their major obstacles, were more involved. Lastly, if you continue reading to the end of this article, I will introduce something wonderful!


As I explained in my July 2, 2020 article, I terminated my contract with the first Polish publisher due to its breach of contract. Then, I planned to publish the Polish book translation by my publishing company, Rediscovery Press, and distribute it internationally. Only later did I learn that the translated manuscript did not include the Polish font, so I needed to find a somewhat affordable solution. In late 2020, I was in talks with a small publisher in Poland, whose owner said he supported my work and wanted to have a collaborative role with me, something that was amiss with the first publisher. We agreed that it was practical for him to publish the book because of his position and fluency in Poland, and he would add most of the Polish font, while I would compile and edit the manuscript files. I also involved a trusted friend to add the Polish font to chapters 6 and 9, two of my most cherished chapters.

For months, I went through important areas of the manuscript with the official translator to update them and correct parts that were inattentively published by the first publisher. Then, when I received the “completed” manuscript files from the new publisher, I saw that many words and phrases were changed. Nothing should have been changed except for the addition of the Polish font and potential spelling errors. After some back and forth, the publisher admitted that he did not fulfill his role in our agreement, and he gave unbridled liberty to someone else who he chose to hire. This third party was not familiar with my work, and she inserted her perceptions and ego as an unwelcome editor. I was angry and feeling a bit lost because I would have to spend more time and energy to figure out how to remedy the added distortions.

After I expressed my displeasure, the third party also admitted to her mistakes, but she said that she did not change main concepts, just some words and punctuation. I fixed some of the errors but will need additional time to compare both manuscripts—with and without the Polish font—to correct the rest of what was altered. I got the impression from the third party that the remaining distortions are minor, but they are still distortions. My plan is to continue working with the translator to correct what errors we can find. Because this will need all of my attention, I decided to delay this project. Publishing the Polish book was at the top of my list over the summer, but unfortunately, now it is pushed down my list because I must put my attention to other things that were set aside.

My company, Rediscovery Press, will be publishing the Polish book. Because of the breaches of this relatively recent contract, I legally terminated my working relationship with the second Polish publisher.

I always had an internal awareness that distortions would inevitably come in from third parties because of the nature of my book’s information: “powers that be” do not want people to know the truth about them as well as our inherent abilities. I wanted to build bridges and have a collaborative team of ethical people, but it is not worthwhile if I am removed from my own work because of meddling hands. Thankfully, the Polish translator, Mariusz Dec, understands the information in my book because of his own background and awareness, and he does not insert himself into my work. He knows how to work as part of a team having our respective positions.

(Seeing how often I am writing “my” book is a little odd for me because it truly was a collaborative effort with my mother, and more. The reason I am now strongly asserting myself is because it is a collaborative effort by an aligned team; the information I am sharing must be preserved in its integrity, which I fully care to do.)


I have news about another book translation into French. This was supposed to be one of my big announcements about which I was very excited, but now I must say this translation will not happen. For over two years, someone has been working with me to translate the book into French, including the 2021 updates. He gave me no indication that he had a problem with understanding the English. In fact, he said that he produced a good translation, but unbeknownst to me, he heavily utilized translation software. Recently, I learned from a French friend that the translated manuscript contains numerous errors, not only in spelling and grammar but also in important titles and words that significantly change their original meaning and tone. We learned that the translator sometimes inserted himself as a sort of liaison to the French audience, taking it upon himself to convey parts of my message as he wanted for another effect. Again, I was angry and feeling a bit lost, or more accurately in this case, devastated, because what was done is irreparable. What was born out of good intention by the translator to convey my message turned into something else that does not represent my message in numerous ways.

I and my French friend presented multiple, large samples of errors to the translator, and he began opening his eyes to what he had done. He agreed that he was in states of personal unawareness, and he sincerely apologized. Since he did not have the same or similar grasp of my material as did the Polish translator, none of his translation can or will be published. While we are both saddened about this outcome, he still values the time he spent working on the book translation because it brought him to more deeply reflect upon its concepts, and he says he agrees and resonates with them.

I now accept that there will be a smaller global outreach of my large book than I had hoped, but thankfully English is not an uncommon language. If anyone wants to understand more about my book(s), please contact me directly via the Orders page, and we can write with the assistance of translation software. Even better, I hope you will find someone who speaks English, and we can have a video call together. It is best to go directly to the source of my work—me—to clarify any concern in order to prevent misunderstanding.

Regarding any foreign language translation of any part or whole of my books, I and my own publishing company will be the only publisher. I do not authorize any translation of my books by any other person or company because of the inevitability of external distortion. The same applies to my articles written on my website because they can also be misrepresented elsewhere (unless the translator of the short article works closely with me and receives my written permission). In addition, a person’s summary or paraphrase of my work that is posted on social media may also be highly inaccurate because of the person’s mental filters. It is always best to read my latest book—the 2021 third edition—instead of believe someone else’s account of my work.


Now, on a lighter, happy note, I want to announce my current but ongoing project: a documentary film! I was approached by an independent documentary filmmaker to film me and my mother talking about our journey finding the information we present in my large book. Thankfully, we filmed it in October 2019 before the pandemic started. Several delays have occurred since then, partially due to the pandemic but mostly due to my and the filmmaker’s differing schedules and other duties. I am involved in the editing process of the film that will be presented in two separate parts.

My intention is to complete the entire documentary in 2022. I have felt internal pressure to finish it as soon as possible because of the projected ascension timeline not long after year 2022, but I am releasing some of this pressure because I can only do what I can do. Even so, this documentary is like the “cherry on top” of my already fulfilling third edition book, which is much more substantial and revelatory than a film could approximate. I am happy that I can provide another medium through which to share some of our story and amazing discoveries.

Another priority of mine is helping people via email and video consultations to better understand and navigate concepts in my books on a personal level. Please know that if you contact me, and I do not respond in a timely manner, then I am busy taking care of others or myself. I value all my genuine connections and will respond when I am able.

I am deeply grateful that I continue to reach people with my current work and supplemental projects to come. The documentary and Polish book will be completed when they are completed, and I will joyfully announce them in detail when their times arrive!



Theresa Talea