Revealing the Andromeda Deception

I have an important correction to make about something in my book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. It is significant enough to state because it brings more seemingly abstract concepts down to reality, but it is not significant enough to create an updated version of my book. It involves the Andromeda star system and the Andromie and Necromiton entity groups, and “Andromeda” in general.

First, I want to give some background. As I have previously stated about my books, I sometimes acted as a journalist by presenting external sources and not inserting my opinion or other statements from my particular sources. Already, I had added more to the picture most of the time. Specifically, I presented some teachings, whose majority I did discern and critique, from a person who was a “speaker” for the MCEO-GA (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order and Guardian Alliance) entity groups. I gave the appropriate references to the external sources in my books’ bibliographies. It would have taken me more time than the many years I already spent to dig deeper into more discernment, and frankly, I didn’t want to involve my mind and energy thinking about more claims from those entity groups. I felt that I had connected enough dots for the bigger picture.

Now, I want to elucidate more of this bigger picture involving a lot of manipulative entity involvement. Please read the rest of this article for a full explanation.

The Andromeda star system is not in the 9th dimension as the MCEO-GA has continuously claimed. This means that the Andromeda star system also does not contain the Milky Way galactic stargate-9. The actual Andromeda star system is in the 4th dimension, and the Andromies and Necromitons originated from there. This news matters to us because of their relatively close proximity to Earth’s dimension, and it explains why the Andromedans in question, whom I refer to as the Necromiton-Andromies, have been obsessed with Earth as a whole, including the 3rd dimensional galactic stargate-3.

Recently, someone told me information from his service with my mother that revealed his higher self had previously visited Andromeda in the 4th dimension (and his higher self was not welcome there, so he left). This prompted me to ask the All That Is, The Pure Essence if it was possible for a star system to span across six large dimensions; for example, from the 9th to the 4th dimensions. It didn’t seem possible to me, but I also didn’t know if galactic wars and the nature of extreme energy-matter distortion could drag down and create different versions and remnants of star systems. A measure of semi-phantom creation has been a result of such distortions. The All That Is, The Pure Essence provided an answer through my mother’s distinctly internal, interfacing connection, stating that the Andromeda star system is only in the 4th dimension, and it is not possible for it or other star systems to span across multiple large dimensions because they would lose their formational integrity.

With this information, I thought about what we can actually see with our own eyes in our night sky. As humans living in the 2.5 dimension, it just doesn’t seem true that we can see material objects in the 4th dimension. (My books explain that a “dimension” in this context is really a “large dimension.”) I give room to the possibility that we can see lighter density stars in the 3rd dimension, but the 4th dimension is too different and too separate to be naturally visible and connected to our density.

In the second century A.D., a Hellenized Egyptian astronomer and mathematician, Claudius Ptolemy, assigned the name “Andromeda” to the constellation in our 2.5 dimensional view. Based on my knowledge and intuition, I deduce that he was strongly influenced by 4th dimensional Andromedan entities to essentially copy and paste their location’s name and region to a lower dimensional area that is relatively close in proximity to the actual Andromeda star system. I figure that the Andromedans have set up a wormhole system to the lower “Andromeda” constellation to use it as a waystation from which to have better access to us. By naming the constellation in our view as Andromeda, this directs us toward the general location and identity of the actual Andromedans. The All That Is, The Pure Essence confirms these thoughts that I concisely conveyed, and it also revealed more information, including that the 4th dimensional Andromeda star system is larger in size, and its entities directing us toward them choose to be subservient to even higher dimensional entities. Their artificial, multi-dimensional network was constructed with the intention to maintain their “oneness” agenda based on hierarchy and control.

When I received the few answers from the All That Is, The Pure Essence about this topic, I instantly knew they were correct because they feel “real” in the same way as being grounded in reality feels. This information clicked into place in both my mind and body as verification to what I had sensed in my core essence, when the former “information” only felt like a disconnected idea.

Too many people choose to adopt limited perspectives about cosmic reality by either believing various “spiritual” teachings that frequently lack rationality, or conversely, concluding that essentially all of those teachings are too abstract and nonsensical, whereby such people refuse to accept that living realms and beings in lighter, otherworldly densities could exist. From somewhere near the middle of these mental extremes and also beyond them, we can expand our awareness toward more of the cosmos (unrestricted by mathematical scales) based on comprehensive facets of earthly existence, and we can begin to understand natural existence—conscious life—from a realistic, substantial framework.

When people choose to put their faith and trust in otherworldly entities—whom the people don’t really know—via religions, spiritualities (hierarchical and oneness), and even the UFO movement, they fail to sufficiently question and discern the propaganda being taught. These higher dimensional and/or extraterrestrial entities present themselves as 1) superior to what they really are, and 2) they gladly or regrettably tie themselves to an entity or entities they perceive as even more superior, therefore perpetuating a cycle of possession and assimilation.

Regarding the Andromedans who claim to be from the 9th dimension, they purposely blur the lines and lie because of their “oneness” belief and their desire to be associated with perceived superiors in the 9th dimension. There has been activity in the 9th dimension that links to the entity known as Archangel Michael, a phantom, genetically engineered being from an even higher dimension that is heavily distorted.

An overly simplistic, cookie-cutter geometrical creation paradigm involving vertical hierarchy is a large part of the propaganda. The generally vertical, hierarchical creation story is an ancient religion that has filtered down to humans who gullibly believe they are at the bottom of a totem pole and need a higher dimensional entity to direct and control them.

As I showed in the 2021 third edition of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, the MCEO-GA and other non-eternal entity groups tend to conflate and obfuscate origins of entities and creations because of their belief in the Law of One. Near our region of the multi-dimensional universe, the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order was one of the earliest groups (or the first group) to adopt and practice the Law of One. The Law of One is not a law but a religion created by a phantom entity group, the Great White Brotherhood, and its doctrine was somewhat reconfigured by a similarly phantom entity group, the Cosmic Awareness; both of these entity groups are from the same dimension of a moderately distant galaxy. The “Law of One” has become a network that ultimately tries to erase all individuality. The Guardian Alliance is comprised of lower dimensional entities in and near our galaxy, whose majority works closely with the MCEO. I deeply exposed and critiqued the Law of One in chapter 10.

In the beginning of chapter 7 in my third edition book, I shared external information associated with the MCEO-GA about a tragic but teachable history of the Sho-Sho-NaTA people, an Elohim race from the 9th dimension of the Milky Way. Overall, the story about their takeover felt true. A snowball effect occurred from that particular invasion, and other invasions followed in the 8th and 7th dimensions during what was called the Gaian-Orion wars. These events occurred around 570 million years ago. I also showed that the MCEO-GA inserted the word “Andromeda” into those early events, which is incorrect, but in retrospect, it actually reveals their focus.

In the “Archangel Michael’s Jesus Collectives” section of chapter 7, I referenced the MCEO stating that the same time period involved the creation of the vampiric Necromiton race, which I reveal is in a heavily distorted—phantom—version of the 4th dimension along with the Andromies. For clarification, I asked the All That Is, The Pure Essence if the 570 million B.C. time period endured a massively coordinated effort by the invaders (key players are stated in my book) to take as much as they could through multiple dimensions of the Milky Way; it responded that my statement is accurate.

The MCEO-GA and affiliated entity groups are also focusing on the M31 galaxy, called the Andromeda galaxy, which they sometimes conflate with the Andromeda star system. Accordingly, they consistently lie and claim that the obviously distorted M31 galaxy with a supermassive black hole is eternal, and they are directing their followers to work with M31 energies and entities; they are actively trying to link severely fragmented Andromeda galaxy energy-matter to the Milky Way, which is harmful to our galaxy’s natural beings. They are also trying to steer our dear Earth in that direction, which I declare is not what Earth wants!

I felt a heavy, stifling, and prickly energy coming toward my chest up to my throat while writing the prior paragraph, which is why I ended it with a strong declaration. Right now, I choose to put my attention to this topic for our collective insight, but I definitely prefer to focus on what makes us free. However, part of the momentum toward our freedom is being aware of the deceitful propaganda and agendas that are trying to confuse, manipulate, and override our innate wisdom about actual life and freedom. While we may not audibly hear the Earth yell “NO” to the invaders trying to implant distorted energies into its planetary body, if we open our awareness and pay attention, we can see how it communicates its own wisdom and conscious autonomy. The Earth knows how to properly take care of itself and its natural inhabitants who are deeply aligned in mutually supportive energy. I clearly sense the Earth’s resistance to anything involving Andromeda (and the Pleiades, and “Alpha and Omega,” as again described in my large book).

In conclusion, it makes the most sense that nefarious entities close in proximity to our location, compared to a much further higher dimension, are the ones most involved in their self-serving agendas against us (repackaged as religions “for” us). While their 4th dimensional compositions are a lighter density, they have constructed ways to reach us via wormholes, technologies, and energy-matter manipulations, which have the potential to reach our DNA. Despite their extensive efforts, we have the intrinsic power and ability to separate ourselves from their tactics. Although we initially incur some measure of attack, and we can feel unnatural energies, the conscientious separation we enact does create a protective barrier, which will only strengthen as we increasingly regain our natural, eternal-based, distinct self.

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