New Video and Interview about the Higher Self, and More

Recently, I made a video explaining what the higher self really is, which is something very different than how the New Age community interprets it. Here is my description and video:


I also recorded a riveting talk about topics in and relating to my books with my Estonian friend for his podcast called Honest Men (Ausad Mehed). It is over two hours long because our energy and ideas kept flowing! I welcome you to listen to the link at the end of the description below.


From Ausad Mehed’s Facebook post:


Another big step for our podcast! This is the first episode in English on our podcast.


I (Chris) met Theresa Talea about 4-5 years ago while being on working holiday visa in Australia. We haven’t met in person, but Skype has been our biggest friend during this online friendship.


As I have been trying to search for the truth my whole life, she has been one of the biggest influencers in recent years. When I found her book and read it for the very first time, I felt a connection with the mindset, perspective and information she was providing.


Listen here:…/theresa-talea-keeping-your-identit…