Self-Integrated Transformation toward Ascension Transfiguration — Article 1: “Expectation of Physical Ascension without Miraculous Thinking”

* This is the first article in a series exploring self-integration in terms of personal transformation before one’s expected transfiguration through natural ascension. *

Spiritual and religious tenets involve an idealization of what can be attained by humans living on Earth or another realm just after passing on. Specifically, the idealization of New Age spiritualities involves the belief that “God is in us”; therefore, if we control our minds and perform techniques in a specific way, then we can utilize this godly power and become superhuman in our present lifetime. This “superhuman” concept entails complete health in body, mind, and emotions: a human who has been transformed into a divine and essentially perfect person while still resembling a human.

What if the believer doesn’t become superhuman with complete health? We are told that we haven’t had enough faith, did the techniques incorrectly, had negative thoughts, or any other excuse. What if the correct answer is that we actually cannot be superhuman?

Spiritual gurus are in the market of selling miracles. Websites are filling the internet with so-called energy healers who give scant, vague information about what they are really doing in their channelings, rituals, workshops, and/or bodywork clinics to gullible and desperate people wanting a cure. These gurus’ services rely on mystery and hype to ensure that your head is “in the clouds,” which is purposeful detachment from reality. Accordingly, if you happen to not believe in an actual reality, instead calling it an “illusion” or “hologram,” then you are already measurably detached from your whole-body experience and interactive environment. What is being sold is superficial without proper substance, making it essentially empty. This emptiness means there is no personal core or true self. You are being removed from a grounded experience while external energies and entities are invited and channeled into you. The “miraculous experience” is usually euphoria, which is a manipulated, false joy disconnected from inner stability.

Humans are by nature fragmented in various ways. Most fragmentations can be significantly mitigated (and sometimes healed) when we are consciously aware of them, including their causes and effects, in a process of building healthy bridges within ourselves and maintaining a life-supporting lifestyle. I will delve into the topic of self-integration in my next article whose draft title is “Personal Process of Transformation.”

One’s natural self-integration process does not involve miracles, and neither does the natural ascension process. The term “miracle” usually means that something outside of you creates an extraordinary action that reaches into you; it is known as a supernatural phenomenon mainly or entirely out of our control. “Supernatural” is defined as something beyond our laws of nature, so applying this type of idea, which includes “superhuman” and “miracle,” to the phenomenon of ascension assumes that ascension is something unnatural that happens to us instead of naturally with and within us.

New Age teachings about ascension are fantastical and miraculous, claiming that we will “drop the body” and turn into a beam of light, somehow dematerializing to then materialize as a type of rebirth in another realm. Furthermore, their so-called “ascension mechanics” follow a rigidly structured, vertical pathway that also connects to specific entities, which try to override one’s naturally internal and lateral process. Those teachings view humans as subjects who will be controlled by a supernatural power. This perception is blindly accepted by a majority of people because they already willingly give away their autonomy, body, and choice to their beliefs in gods and angels, falsely thinking that they cannot and do not have the internal composition and personal consciousness to properly direct their own lives. They employ an idealization of a heaven beyond Earth, literally putting their minds in the clouds while the rest of them—body, emotions, deeper consciousness, and etcetera—is trying to reconnect and reintegrate with their split mind and awaken it to actual reality.

As natural beings born on Earth, we are built with a sufficiently expressed composition stemming from one’s deeper DNA template, personal and foundational consciousness, and interconnected energetic “matter” that can interface with lighter densities. In my current large book, I explain in great length these various inner mechanisms that work despite bodily distortions. It is long past due that we finally turn away from any miraculous thinking and hierarchical, supernatural beliefs because one’s mind directs one’s body, and we always need our own body — now and in whatever density to come.

Ascension is not an idea: it is an experiential momentum shifting toward a slightly lighter density. I addressed this topic in the articles titled “Ascension Timeline Progression after December 2022” and “What is Ascension?” (updated in May 2024). Wonderfully, we have entered a time frame that can naturally facilitate a sufficiently integrated bodily ascension without death, and our body does not need to be absolutely perfect in order to do so. In addition, depending upon specific factors, not all of our body may ascend, but most of the body can in a sufficient manner. I plan to explore and share more about the topic of natural ascension on a personal and practical level going forward.

Our Earth and its consciously aligned inhabitants are experiencing a momentum unlike we have experienced before; I say this confidently because several people, including me and my mother, are experiencing a very noticeable shift in our entire being. As we have been slowly but surely integrating and transforming ourselves in this ascension trajectory, our expectation of a fulfilled physical ascension is not a wishful expectation but rather an internal knowing whose whole-body sense can expect it to happen with high probability. There cannot be 100% certainty because the future is still the future, and while there is definitive, large-scale momentum for an earthly ascension, there could be unforeseen circumstances.

The following quotes are from my book, Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, 2021 third edition, in chapter 8’s “End of the Stellar Activation Cycle and 2022” section.


The ascension timeline involving the SAC [Stellar Activation Cycle] and Halls of Amenti does not adhere to rigid dates because our planet is moving through a prison-like containment in order to become more free. Earth has a consciousness that chooses to sometimes sway its essence to deter interfering elements while on its journey forward, therefore taking extra steps and time. Natural capacity is not contingent upon timing, but a time schedule can be an estimated point of reference to what is naturally occurring versus what is trying to hinder progress … .

Remember that this will be a natural process, so do not fall prey to an entity or group telling you to follow them as if they know the way. I sense that people who are inherently attuned will shift toward the appropriate destination by our own internal prompting … .

Since I have learned that there is a large, ascension-viable portion of Earth that is becoming ready to integrate with Amenti Earth near or not long after the year 2022, those of us who will also be ready and compatible with eternal-based energy can ascend with Earth if and when the appropriate pathway is ready for us. It is logical and comforting to me that higher aware Earth inhabitants and higher aware aspects of our home planet will ascend together in a mass event that is also individually attuned.

[Stated earlier in this book section:] “There is always a possibility of interference and manipulation by the fallen ones that would extend the projected date past December 2022.”


There is much activity happening behind the scenes in the bigger picture. Numerous interferences have been deflected and restored, but until we successfully ascend, the interfering entities will continue trying to imprison us. The main way to do this is through our minds: there is no better way to control humans than to have us believe and even fight for those ideas and behaviors that will destroy us.

Ideas, wishes, and expectations do not happen in the same way as the lived experience. If we have taken diligent strides to wake up from a dreaming, disconnected mind, then we will be fully aware of the physical reactions we experience during our transformation process along with our planet.

Highly aware people are feeling the harsher energies and density of the predominantly netted 2.5 Earth position. We are swaying and essentially fighting in our bodily essence, together with our planet, through the netted energies and fields that were implanted by intruder entities. We are actively working to move/ascend to a freer, lighter state of being in the 3rd dimension where our original Human species and original Earth — Amenti Earth — began. This energetic activity can feel uncomfortable and even tiring at times for our human body. This is an example of experiential reality instead of an idea of being an unaffected “superhuman.” We are literally the ground crew physically moving forward, finding the healthy pathway in a concerted effort to preserve ourselves and our planetary birthright. We expect — with tangible momentum — to break past the netted containment fields of reincarnation and death. This expectation, however, does not become a miracle wherein Amenti Earth will bring perfection even after our transfiguration. We will be in a much better place, but it is neither perfect nor eternal. Accordingly, even some expanded, eternal locations can have minor distortions.

With those of us who are aligned, I am expecting a fulfilled ascension back to where the original Humans should have never left. It was never the Earth’s fault that it was bombarded by interfering entities and their distorted energies to fragment it into the state it has become here with severe to extreme harm and death. Furthermore, this harm and death are not really part of the Earth as an autonomous, conscious entity. Death science was woven into some of its body, similar to how it has been woven into the human body, but it does not have to enter into our deeper, conscious aspects. The beautiful planet Earth retains an even more beautiful consciousness and core essence.

This ordeal has become a battle for human consciousness, a battle for human minds. Ascension in itself is very real, but how it is viewed can become fake, and in some cases, energetically diverted to another location that brings more detachment via mind-control and therefore disembodiment/possession. Two such locations are both popularly (but vaguely) believed to be in either a 4th or 5th dimension, which I assert is not in our galaxy’s natural 4th and 5th dimensions (as “large dimensions,” explained in my books); the New Age-directed dimensions are dangerous destinations and diversions where swarms of hierarchical, vampiric entities are positioned.

The purpose of natural ascension is to regain our most natural state of being as possible, which means our internal DNA template will become fully assembled and activated on its own. It is a very aware process of who you really are in all of your individual being, discerning between what is truly you and what has been implanted and divided into you, and just being and resonating with actual life instead of death. I look forward to delving into layers of this big topic with those of you who fundamentally agree. I also welcome you to read chapter 9 of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods, 2021 third edition, because it provides many details about our less dense, internal composition.