Announcement: Upcoming Third Edition Book!

For the past year, I have been working on a significant revision of Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods. I was given the opportunity by a Polish publisher to translate this large book into Polish, so I decided to give the Polish people the best version possible, which also incorporates much of my cosmology book. This technically will be my book’s third edition, which I will also publish in English.


Reading through Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods amazes me with how my awareness has grown in three years. I could say this also about my book’s second edition compared to the first one, but the third edition clarifies more than ever before. Some things caught my attention that I previously overlooked, and I chose to investigate further into many topics. I have added new information and made noticeable corrections. One of the changes I am excited about is a deeper understanding about the differences and similarities between a human and one’s higher self. Therefore, I request that you wait to purchase the upcoming third edition instead of the currently available second edition. For those of you who already have an earlier edition, you can compare the old book with the new one to see what has been improved.


Regarding Proposing a “New” Cosmology Beyond Death Science, it is written as its own book for people who are interested in cosmology and/or want to read a shorter version of my core message, although it is not all of my core message. I will also slightly revise it after I complete the big book, but it still has great information now.


After that, I will not write any more books. These last book revisions will have to suffice so I can move forward in my journey and outreach. I will let you know when my new books are published in English during this summer. The Polish version should be published late this year.


Thank you for your interest in the information I provide as I continue to grow.



Theresa Talea