A Candid Letter about the Information I Provide

During my life’s journey, I have maintained my inquisitive nature, seeking answers that close our gaps of knowledge and reason. What has perplexed me most is how readily people lend themselves to information they deem as authoritative, especially when that information is given by a guru or otherworldly entity. When we put someone on a pedestal, it becomes easy to believe what is stated without our further inquiry because we have put our trust and faith in another. This is a religious mentality that accepts the message regardless of how many holes of reason it contains. Unfortunately, this is a common practice because most people are living outside of themselves, valuing the elevated figure and ungrounded belief more than their inner sense. With deeper scrutiny, they could see that their so-called authority figures are claiming to be more than they really are, thus providing a grandiose image with little substance.

You know how people gain popularity when they first arrive on the scene? They repeat a story over and over to an unaware community, so then that community—with no other reference to compare—starts to believe that story as fact. Then, when a newcomer enters the already established paradigm giving an alternative message, the community acts as though she is too late and judges her as wrong or evil. Here, I am the newcomer, and the community is every religious movement with an established history and belief system. I am only one (two with my mother) presenting this different view, just as the first person of every established belief was only one, but now their words carry much more weight than mine. I find this ridiculous.

Now, the pressure is on the newcomer to be “better” in order to be given proper consideration. It is as though my information must be infallible, while what is currently established receives free passes for its informational flaws. However, any expert knows that one’s knowledge base continues to fine-tune, shape, and grow. Being any sort of authority means that we know more than the average person in our respective fields, but we do not know everything.

I am an entity just as the religious and angelic authority figures are entities. I am a sufficient expert in my presentation of physical cosmology, but by no means can I know much more than I present in a conceptual way. It is just too big of a topic and reality.

Frankly, I do not desire to teach about the intricacies of creation and ascension mechanics. I am inquisitive and like to learn, but at the same time I see these topics can become a distraction when we cannot sufficiently prove them in our fragmented system. My intent and desire focus upon what is pure and eternal, and the very nature of that involves a naturally flowing energy intuitively guiding oneself toward eternal creation. This entails a shift in mentality toward energetic discernment rather than us knowing the precise mechanics.

Have you ever thought why religious entity groups, especially those influencing the New Age and occult communities, keep focusing on creation mechanics? They usually present cookie-cutter grids and geometric symbols for an easier to control matrix they are trying to create or have already created. The matrix still contains a measure of randomness, but its mechanics are more closely controlled and designed in a set-apart space from the main eternal flow. I do not want to be in a manipulated universe under an oligarchy of beings—usually with their own hierarchy—called God. I desire to be in a much bigger creational system in which countless entities coexist along with the eternal flow of pure intent and desire, which provide foundational order but also creative randomness. What I mean by randomness is how a glass breaks and pieces fall as they may, or how a ripple forms when touching the water; it is not entirely random, but there is some unpredictability.

I wonder if I made a fundamental mistake in publishing books about huge topics when my awareness continually grows, and I then look back upon my work and see how some of it needs clarification. My awareness also continues to catch mistakes in other people’s works after I have referenced them, and the reader may think I agree or support them when that was not actually the case. I want to take more time to better discern their messages I already relayed in my second edition, but I also want the reader to engage critical thinking to compare my revealing nuggets of information to the claims of those entity groups.

On the contrary, I then think that I did not make a fundamental mistake (beyond some informational mistakes) because I acted as my true self in speaking up to at least investigate and question what is already stated as truth. I have desired to dig deeper into the paradigms of current information to organize and weed out the contradictions and falsehoods. I believe I have good ability in this regard—I have great spatial organization that concurrently sees multiple topics and puts them into proper context. I admit it is not always easy to put my insights onto paper as a writer and to also verbally explain what I can see. I am an entity who does not put myself above others, and I allow scrutiny into all information so we can solve problems and remove disinformation that tries to steer the facts into another religious agenda.

In addition, I often work with my mother’s abilities to gain more perspective toward the big picture, and I also bounce ideas onto her for her wise input. I believe in collaborating with people who have pure intent and desire for the truth as I do, for we each have an ability that can share the burden of exploration into the big picture and provide more clarity. However, it is sometimes difficult for me to release my probing questions to my mother’s ability that relays them to the All That Is, The Pure Essence, for example. I say it is difficult because I am not the direct communicator advocating what I mean during the actual communication process, and my question may not be worded entirely clearly. My mother does not interpret my questions; she only internally communicates their words, and then the All That Is, The Pure Essence as a conscious essence replies back through her DNA template. Only sometimes does she decide to follow-up for a more thorough reply.

Rarely, there is a miscommunication between me and the All That Is, The Pure Essence. I read and analyze the replies, but when my awareness hasn’t yet caught the misunderstanding, I then very rarely include it in my work. I do not want to make excuses for myself because of the physical illness and intermittent medicines I endure that have temporarily lessened some of my insights, but having a big picture view does not make it easy to remember every little thing. While I am waiting sometimes days for my mother to complete my questions, this adds to some forgetfulness, although I usually get back on track.

I want to be treated fairly here by critics. I want you to ask yourself why you may give your spiritual guru or god leeway for their inconsistencies when you do not give the same care to people such as me. Is your guru or god actually allowing you to use a fine-tooth comb to delve deeper into their messages? Are you getting all the detailed answers you desire from them? I, on the other hand, generally do use a fine-tooth comb, and my beneficial relationships work with me collaboratively because not one of them is haughty.

I see with unreasonable and unkind critics that we are on very different pages in how we perceive reality. Religious minded people tend to believe there is an all-knowing God that can influence everything in existence, when I say there is no such being. My mother and I choose to communicate with the All That Is, The Pure Essence because it is thoroughly pure and eternal, but it is separate to entities and creation processes. It does not communicate in spatial or numerical terms except when collaborating with a pure-intended entity living in its respective creational system. Now, my mother and I do know pure-intended entities, but they also share a similar perspective toward energetic discernment and eternal energy, which does not concern them with the details of creation mechanics.

Therefore, while I am looking over my already published books, articles, and videos, I see some places that need further clarification and even correction. When I make the time, I will write some book updates in the appropriate menu section on this website addressing rare miscommunication between me and the All That Is, The Pure Essence, and I will share some of my revisions for the second edition and the cosmology book. Although I just recently published the cosmology book, I found a few places that should be more accurately explained, and I am pondering whether I should take a finer-tooth comb to the kathara grid and more accurately draw it, although it will still be a rough approximation of reality. (A main issue concerns the vertical and horizontal lines that do not reflect the proper diagonal pathways, which I at least stated in both books but elaborated more in the cosmology book.)

I want to underscore here that the main reason I introduced creation and ascension mechanics was to expose the disinformation in religious and scientific cosmological paradigms that lead people astray and perpetuate the blind follower mentality. I have felt I had to address current belief systems in order to open up critical dialogue in which people finally question their own views of reality. Ultimately, my message is about people finding themselves—their true selves—and finding the inner strength and clarity to leave behind the religious mentality that creates unnecessary division, distraction, and delusion.

I am doing all I can; I ask in return that you do also.

I hope you find value in the books I have already published because the themes of self-integration, empowerment, and critical thinking thoroughly apply, and they have progressive and sensible knowledge as well. I am currently still on research and writing mode away from the public eye, but I will be available for people who seek to better understand the information I present. Your thoughtful input also helps me improve my work.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and kindness.


                                                                                                               Theresa Talea