Experiences and Thoughts about the Journey to the…Krystar Seed Atom Technique

Updated October 3, 2014


I highlight much of Ashayana Deane’s work in my book because of its extensive explanations, vocabulary, and models of an otherworldly paradigm that claim to represent eternal creation. While some of her work does reach eternal domains, other parts perpetuate distorted concepts. This article introduces an eternal and fully natural star-planet—a krystar—in an early creational level called a Cosminyahas, and I explored her technique to energetically reach it.

In August 2012, the AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas (henceforth called Alhumbhra Council or AC) provided a guided journey through Ashayana to the Cosminyahas core called “Journey to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom.” This process bolsters our plasmic and light-body protection, and it improves a measure of transfigurative ability toward Median Earth’s shaLAah living light and hydrolase living water. However, caution is warranted during the journey until we arrive at the Cosminyahas destination. My mother and I performed this technique together, so I will share my experiences and thoughts about it.

Before we did the technique, we individually created a personal shield around us by activating our personal Krystar vehicle and expanding our pure energy connection to the All That Is, The Pure Essence. Then, we made our intentions known to the Alhumbhra Council that we did not want them to enter our personal space during the technique.

The technique creates a little barrier between us and the outside by enveloping us in protective frequency; however, it also sends us a personal Alhumbhra guide. Ashayana’s techniques often give us guides with whom we would have over a dozen guides by now if we accepted them. While I appreciate the willing help of new friends, other entities who pretend to be our friends can jump into our field if we are not discerning.

During the technique, we stepped back from Ashayana’s teachings in the following cases that I will not recall in order.

A. When she talked about our personal guide behind our right shoulder, this startled me a bit, so I restated my intent for the entity to step back. I then forgot about that entity as the technique ensued because I only felt my own energy. When she later reminded us about the personal guide, I felt distracted again, but I re-established my energy and was fine.

B. The personal guide touches our wing spot area to activate it. I immediately stepped away and communicated that I want to touch my own wing spot area between my 4th and 5th chakras on my back. I did it energetically along with my third eye experience of it. I had my higher self touch that area in her body which simultaneously corresponded with me directing that energy to touch my human body’s wing spot. What I did was acceptable, and I felt that my Alhumbhra helper was fine with it.

My mother and I are very protective of our fields and bodies. We do not ask for help from a personal guide to activate any part of us. We think it is most wise to do our own tasks until we absolutely need the help from someone else, such as a helper possibly aiding us through protected passageways.

C. Ashayana talks about our plasma body having wings and eyes. My mother and I have never identified with having wings. We know that our original bodies are an Elohei race made of hydroplasma without wings. When Ashayana tells us to open our plasma eyes, I do not envision any other plasma being outside of my original body with eyes. If a person doing this technique is originally from a carbon or silica dimension in our time matrix, then imagining a plasma body with eyes will probably feel foreign. You can simply imagine your human eyes on your inner plasma aspect to feel more grounded.

Ashayana takes some time to talk about wings and how they affect the wing spot. She talks as though we all should have wings, but this is incorrect. It is wise to pay attention to our instinctive reactions because they may be individually true.

So, my mother and I just stood there as our hydroplasmic bodies while Ashayana took time to talk about how feathers and wings should feel. My body’s wing spot area on my back felt a bit warm and tingly, but that was it. My mom and I appreciated standing there as a somewhat different race that is accepted into this new group of beautiful beings. We would not need to work with them if the Earth’s and Milky Way’s situations were not dire, so this was indeed a journey for us. We were not going “home” as Ashayana calls it; however, the destination felt like a lovely adoptive home.

D. When the personal guides brought us through a passageway, I felt a wave of energy right over my head because the entity put me under its wing. This energy was too close to me, so I pushed it outside or on the edge of my field to re-establish my space. We cannot really avoid feeling close energies around us, so I just made it more comfortable for me.

Overall, I felt I was in tune with my needs during the technique, and I experienced pure, eternal energy at the end destination of the Cosminyahas core. I did not always appreciate Ashayana’s visions and interpretations because I felt that they sometimes created thoughts in my mind about what I should see and feel, but this was her way of doing it. Everyone has their own approach to some degree.

I think I should mention that the technique involves certain words without explanation, such as Eckasha code, which I include in the Maharic Shield technique, and cruxansatea. The proper cruxansatea is both an Eckasha and Tri-Veca merkaba vehicle. It involves a large flow of 15-dimensional energy that somewhat resembles an Eckasha tear drop symbol encasing a similar but smaller, upside down teardrop shape around one’s body. The inner, upside down symbol stands the person on the top platform of the 12th dimensional Maharic Shield pillar, which resembles the staff of an ankh with the upside down, teardrop “head” on the horizontal platform. The Egyptian and Gnostic ankh symbol is a Bi-Veca merkaba vehicle without the outer teardrop symbol, and its platform extends further as “arms” of the cross symbol. In addition, I do not think that the religious ankh symbol can reach HU-5 frequencies.

End result: my mother and I feel fine. We gained eternal plasma crystals from the Cosminyahas core, and the plasma feels nicely smooth and calming. This technique can be currently downloaded for free at the ARhAyas Productions LLC website, www.arhayas.com. The recording ends with the expectation of having to do additional activations of our plasma crystals, but I think that we can work with this energy ourselves since it is now part of our body.